20 Years Ago: WARLOGHE record The Black Tower demo

…there is no distinction. The arts are my life, I spend my days perfecting my art, Warloghe is just one part of it, it is the conduit through which I channel, the sigils turning into sound. But like you may have already guessed, the music itself is not the pinnacle, it is nothing compared to the ideas it is based upon. But when you combine those two, it is no longer music, it is life and death itself, the human microcosm spilled on the floor. A living, ever transforming ritual.
– Glaurung / Warloghe interview, Final Solution zine #2

Recorded during this month in 1996 at Troll’s Lair rehearsal place.

Glaurung: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Morath: Battery


…The shadow will fall upon the land, and even the dead shall be envied by the living…