27 Years Ago: NECROMANTIA release their first promo tape

Late 1989… I knew Baron Blood before and we shared similar likings in music and ideas so we decide to express them in a musical form. The Promo Tape 1990 was recorded in one night from 6 in the afternoon until 5 in the morning! LIVE! We did some overdubs afterwards but it was mainly done live! I really love this feeling when were dead-exhausted but really satisfied in the morning! That recording has a lot of mistakes and an average sound but it was genuine. Also the lyrical procedure was really mystical. The lyrics were written in a deserted house, under the candlelight with incense, alcohol etc
– The Magus / Necromantia interview, Metal Temple, 2007

Recorded very soon after forming in late 1989, NECROMANTIA released (whatever that really means, or however precise you can be, with a promo tape given out to friends, zines etc) on this day in 1990.