Barshasketh formed in New Zealand during the mid-2000’s and in 2009 released two demo tapes: the self-titled debut recorded 2007 and As Flesh Becomes Earth recorded 2008. The demos were followed by a full-length tape in February of 2010 and founding member Krigeist relocated to Scotland. With the debut album, Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thraldom, Barshasketh began to crystallise it’s unique approach. A sound which has been compared to Peste Noire and Wolves in the Throne Room: traditional atmospheric black metal with technical abilities far beyond the majority of bands in this arena.

Barshasketh is

guitars, vocals

guitars, vocals



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1. Sitra Achra
2. Malaise
3. L’Ange du Meridien
4. Bitter Sagacity
5. Sonnets to Orpheus
6. Leaden Horizon
7. Schlußstück

Artist:   Barshasketh
Title:   Sitra Achra
Country:   United Kingdom
CAT#:   TTR 032
Released:   23 February 2013
Format:   Digipack CD
Running time:   45:08


Sitra Achra is the other side. Sitra D’Kedushah’s mirror negative. The ecumenical embrace of impurity and unholiness. Barshasketh’s second album embraces and is immersed in negativity, nihilism, chaos and alienation from humanity.

I have chosen black and abhorrent truth, over the radiant lie!

This Barshasketh evocation of the universal destructive forces is communicated with bleak and complex atmospheres and technical creativity that has already been compared to Peste Noire and Wolves in the Throne Room. Pure Black Metal of the Highest Order!


Opening with the full on Mercyful Fate atmospherics, it becomes immediately apparent that Barshasketh’s musical ability far outweighs that of your average corpse-painted tremolo pickers. Through the Burzum-esque low fi knifed speaker cone fuzz cuts a clinically clean tone you would never expect. Malaise’s individual elements might be about as trad-black as you can get but the intensity & otherworldly riffing serves as more as tribute to Hellhammer’s unbeatable formula than the desperate rakings of a band with nothing in their music testes. The technicality & composition however, along with the truly bleak aura they generate, sets them apart from others in the genre. – Leave the Hall


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