Ghast (Wales, UK) formed as Souldust in 2004. The intent from the beginning was the combine the heaviest Doom with the darkest Black Metal. Three demos were released and in 2007 Souldust became Ghast. A split with Helvette was released in 2007, shortly after plans for a debut studio album began to take shape.

May the Curse Bind was recorded over several days at Muscle Studios (Hateful Abandon, Salute). The result is their original vision of doom and black metal perfected and separates Ghast from all other Black Metal bands. Strong musical and vocal performances matched with a crushing production.

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1. Hate Stone
2. Festival of Serpents
3. Demons that Fled the Ferocity of Men
4. Grave Cult Woe
5. Lost in Fog
6. Scorn and Death

Artist:   Ghast
Title:   Dread Doom Ruin
Country:   United Kingdom
CAT#:   TTR 045
Released:   18 August 2014
Format:   CD
Running time:   56:55


The bleakest GHAST record to date! No light, no peace. The ash of ritual, the thundering roar of violence. Tales of hatred, brutality and suffering howled over the most devastating Black-Doom Metal. Ghast’s mark, the collision of monolithic Doom with Black Metal’s sinister majesty, branded into each of their works; again taken to greater levels of negativity. Words can not convey the power of this album, only by immersing yourself will you discover the true depths as the horror is invoked.




1. O Akhea Rheon
2. Terrible Cemetery

Artist:   Ghast
Title:   Terrible Cemetery
Country:   United Kingdom
CAT#:   TTR 029
Released:   15 September 2010
Format:   MCD
Running time:   28:27


Terrible Cemetery! The highly anticipated follow-up to Ghast’s 2008 debut LP – May the Curse Bind. Recorded in one day, August 15th 2009, at The Compound (Salute, Hateful Abandon), Ghast deliver another punishing fusion of old school Black Metal and colossal Doom!
Terrible Cemetery features two tracks, O Akhea Rheon – a song originally recorded as Souldust in 2006, and the twenty-minute title-track opus.


…embracing the dolorous tempos and bleakly colourful tonality of the depressive end of black metal, losing any touch of doom at all, though retaining that signature gloomy sound. Eight and a half minutes in, we slide precipitously into an almost tearful depression, heavy, ugly guitars assuming an unexpectedly emotional melodic shape. It reminds me of Nargaroth’s Seven Tears are Flowing to the River. – Metal Reviews



1. Crawl, Blighted and Afraid
2. Give Your Wrists
3. Evoke Spiritless Hell
4. Pale Robe
5. Hexed Under Moon

Artist:   Ghast
Title:   May the Curse Bind
Country:   United Kingdom
CAT#:   TTR 025
Released:   02 December 2008
Format:   CD
Running time:   43:13


May the Curse Bind is GHAST’s debut album, a record that will bring them much deserved attention. The power Ghast evoke on this album can not go unnoticed and once experienced will not be forgotten.

No band has collided Doom and Black Metal into such a crushing and bleak recording, elevated by colossal production from Muscle Studios (Hateful Abandon, Salute). As crushing and morbid as it is fierce and aggressive! Ghast’s sound, built up from the early Souldust demos is now crystallized on CD and presented for your agony.


The influences, ambition, and potential of this band are well and truly epic… easily my top record of 2008 and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the same went for 2009! – Mass Movement
The sound here is phenomenal. Simple and raw but possessing a depth rarely heard for this style. It is the sound of waves of despair lapping at a cold shore of misanthropy. Yet as disturbing and grim as this album is, it’s actually kind of catchy. Simply stated it’s one of the best black AND doom metal debuts I’ve heard all year, and I am looking forward to a great many more. – From the Dust Returned
The faster parts have a Darkthrone sort of assault to them and the slower parts have almost sort of a Burning Witch vibe but with more of a groove that’ll make you bob your head a little and go “oh fuck listen to that” all with some pretty hateful fucking vocals. I’ve never heard a band combine these elements with the finesse that Ghast does. – The Dying Machine


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  1. […] GHAST unveiled another track from the forthcoming album “May the Curse Bind” last Sunday on BBC Radio Wales, closing the evenings programming. You can hear the epic, sinister Black/Doom track “Pale Rope” at the very end of the show (around 2hr 53). Listen to the show here. If the link does not work it is available on the ‘BBC iPlayer’. This is the only way to Pale Robe right now, and will probably be replaced by the latest show tomorrow (Sunday 15th). Ghast news […]

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