Haar are producing some of the most interesting avant-garde, progressive Black Metal in the UK and have been deservedly compared to bands like Virus / Ved Buens Ende!

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2012 EP


1. I
2. Bourne
3. III
4. Lost Arcane Rites
5. IV
6. Shrouded City

Artist:   Haar
Title:   2012 EP
Country:   United Kingdom
CAT#:   TTR 031
Released:   22 November 2012
Format:   MCD
Running time:   25:02


Haar, named after the North Sea fog that envelops part of Eastern Scotland, are producing some of the most interesting and avant-garde Black Metal in the UK. Their two releases, EP 2010 and EP 2012 have been deservedly compared to two masters of this field – Norway’s Virus and Ved Buens Ende!
Members of Haar are also involved in other important Edinburgh bands including Barshasketh, death metal band Acatalepsy and blackened bands Erowid and Vostok.


Featuring a whole six tracks on this EP Haar must have heard my plea for more in the above review, in what can only be described as a psychic flash into the future at said review. Miraculous! The sound is crisper, the vocals just that little bit more raw and harsh and the cold sounding riff-age is a bleak and intense as ever! The muffled thudding of the drumming is once again a welcome sound as Haar return with their enjoyable blend of the depraved and the atmospheric! To add a little variety and spice to the mix Haar have increased their use of blast beats and faster paced Black Metal on this record and whilst I prefer the slower more grinding style that they are capable off, it is nice to see a band with this amount of depth to the. Add into the mix the punishing and pummeling break downs and thunderous riff/drumming combos that the band have also adopted and you are in for an excruciating treat of heavy and in your face Black Metal from the bowels of this Scottish band’s black hearts! Haar really are shaft of light in the almost impenetrable murk that is the UK Black Metal scene right now, a statement that is proven by their inclusion in shows with such amazing bands as A Forest of Stars and Old Corpse Road. The UK Metal scene is at a very strong point and Haar are the epitome of this. Yes you have to wade through the shit to find the true gems but a band such as HAAR make it all worth the while. Having added new elements to their sound for their 2012 EP, the band are thundering on ahead on what is a path to ultimate Black Metal glory! – Destructive Music
Haar showed up to impress! Immersed in pitch black, only a couple of cold blue lights and a lot of smoke co-habited the stage. They immediately threw their trump card on the red carpeted floor boards: atmosphere, plenty of it… The singer knelt down;head bowed, he seemed to summon the spirits of his ancestors inhabiting the windswept glens. The opening track, brand new and not yet recorded, was an eerie and intense affair enriched by mournful dissonance. Long songs followed, flowing into an incessant build-up, made of atmospheric noises stretching amongst extremely raw, emotional vocals and meandering riffs juxtaposed to syncopate drumming on the verge of imploding. I got the distinctive feeling of witnessing some kind of bastardized Mogwai reincarnation, with dark experimentation let loose all over the post-rock of the old Glaswegian masters of dynamic distortion, heavily imbued with black metal sensibility and quite robust death metal heritage too. Finally the last track seemed to find a way to escape the overall feeling of compression, exploding outwards into black metal blast-beat heaven. An interesting outfit with great potential, given the experienced and the varied backgrounds of its members: Haar is here to play its experimental BM cards in a diverse way, and I am very eager to hear what the path of dissonant/progressive atmospherics inspired by the Scottish lands and heritage is going to bring us in the near future. – Avantgarde Metal