The continuation of Emit. British ambience drawing on historical surroundings.

Hammemit is

Malachi Michael

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Side A – Nature Mystic
1. Storms
2. Nature’s beautiful ugliness
3. Nights alone with the stars
4. The persistent call
Side B – Mysteries of the Church and Surrounding Environs
5. How small they must have felt
6. Dreamstate hagioscope
7. Mysteries of the church
8. A memory I wish I had
9. Churchyard tree
10. Beneath the ancient dust

TitleNature Mystic
CountryUnited Kingdom
CAT #TTR 028
Released04 July 2009
Running time43:58


Nature Mystic is the latest release from England’s HAMMEMIT. Mediaeval music for modern sensibilities. Penetrating ambience drawing from the natural and historical world.

This full-length draws from two distinct eras, “Nature Mystic” (Some of the most recent Hammemit material, June – November 2008) and “Mysteries of the Church and Surrounding Environs” (A collection of older material as Hammemit and some of the last by Emit, Late 2006-Middle of 2007). Despite spanning both Emit and Hammemit the material was carefully chosen for a fluid, consistent listen.

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