Les Discrets

We originally planned to release Les Discrets debut recording, this never materialized therefore this page remains only as an archive.
Note regarding mp3 and myspace songs:
Contrary to various ‘blogs’, mp3s and youtube posts, an EP was never released. There are no official Les Discrets releases at this point. All the songs publicly available are taken from the official myspace page (lower compressed quality). The myspace songs were posted by Fursy to demonstrate the progress of Les Discrets’ music, so fans have something to sample before the official release. Song for Mountains for example has changed dramatically!). There are many more songs recorded over the years ranging from complete songs to instrumentals to short fragments.
The first complete recordings will be released on Todestrieb in 2009. The songs are still being finished.

Les Discrets is a tribute to all the mystery in nature. It is a personal reflection on winter and principally autumn – the melancholic season. The music deals with the hidden esoteric world and the special light and creatures that inhabit it, sharing a common thread with Nuit Noire and Alcest.

Les Discrets is Fursy Teyssier – multi talented artist and musician. He has worked on designs for Alcest, Peste Noire and Amesoeurs.
He also plays guitar as an original and permanent member of Amesoeurs and is a live member of Alcest.

Visit this page to see more on Les Discrets and hear some songs including:
“Les Vieux ne Meurent pas” (The old people don’t die) and “Corbeaux, Automne, Ciel Gris” (Crow, Autumn, Grey Sky).
Visit lesdiscrets.com for the artistic side.

Here is Fursy’s fantastic new short animated film, ‘Tir Nan Og’ completed June 2007.


Official Myspace
Artist Myspace


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