Salute is the embodiment of Metal. At it’s heart you’ll hear beer drenched nights listening to Motorhead, Hellhammer, Darkthrone, and Thin Lizzy. Above the Law is the debut album, a fist slammed into the mediocre fashionable trash parading as heavy metal. A riot soundtrack, 8 headbanging booze swilling classics with a longevity keeping it up there with Morbid Tales in your CD stack. This is outlaw rock ‘n’ roll, songs of rampage!

Salute is

bass, riff, vox, cannon

guitars, vox

Jimmy Axe
drums, shades

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1. Downtown
2. Above the Law
3. Stand Back
4. Release the Pain
5. Leathered
6. Bad Gold
7. Vice Cobra
8. Gin Lake

Artist:   Salute
Title:   Above the Law
Country:   United Kingdom
CAT#:   TTR 018
Released:   31 July 2007
Format:   CD
Running time:   33:36


Eight slabs of undiluted heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll fuelled by cheap alcohol and easy women. Musical influence comes from the old guard – Motorhead, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Discharge, Thin Lizzy – injected into a band that has totally found their sound, with fresh energy and a unique approach.
Above the Law is a true diamond in the ocean of meaningless, stale shit that manages to pass as Heavy Metal these days.
Outlaw rock ‘n’ roll, Hellish grooves and Iron fists! BE WARNED!!
This is the album of the Summer! Come weigh in and test yer chin!!!!


…this barks and bites with an admirable grit and fire, indeed Motorhead/Discharge is not far off the mark. – Hellride Music
Just buy the bloody album and enjoy some rocking metal!!! – Metal Team UK
…an enjoyable blend of heavy sounding punk styled Hellhammer mixed with early 80′s Heavy Metal. – Necrometal
I haven’t heard a band in ages that tapped into that mondo-destructo combat-metal vibe so effortlessly. Did they escape through a fuckin’ time machine or something? – Sleazegrinder
…it rocks like you wouldn’t believe and you will be throwing devil horns into the air long before the end of the third track. – Chronicles of Chaos

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