Psicoterror returns! Peruvian Black Metal Zine All Issues 2002-2016

Too many years have passed since we’ve had copies of Psicoterror. Now, all available issues are back in stock! #7 from 2002 to #10 published earlier this year – returning after 9 nine years.

Psicoterror fanzine from Peru began in 1991 and early issues featured interviews with MAYHEM (1993), EMPEROR (1993), MORTIIS (1996), TREBLINKA (1991) and many others from South America and Europe.

Issues 7-10 include interviews with: Abyssic Hate, Destroyer 666, Funerary Call, Arghoslent, Axis of Advance, Belphegor, Goatpenis, Loits, Nunslaughter, Unholy Archangel, Bilskirnir, Denial of God, Denouncement Pyre, Der Sturmer, Necros Christos, Satanic Warmaster, Campo de Mayo, Diocletian, Macabre Omen, Naer Mataron, Prosanctus Inferi, Ulfhethnar, Varathron, Woods of Infinity…

Issue 10 (2016) – order here


Issue 9 (2007) – order here


Issue 8 (2005) – order here


Issue 7 (2002) – order here


Renzo has been adding reviews to his webpage, the printed zines focus more on articles and interviews.



Record of the week: MARDUK – Dark Endless


Review from Petrified zine #2 (1993)

Swedish black/death – and some extremely violent shit! This band is another member of the Norwegian Inner Circle (based in Sweden), and play totally dark music like all the other members.. (Other Inner Circle members in Sweden include Dissection and Abruptum). Members of this band play for the godly death metal band DARKIFIED (which also has ex-Abruptum members). Eight tracks of ultra aggressive destruction. Outstanding tracks include “Still Dead”, “Sun Turns Black as Night”, and “Holy Inquisition.” They have just released a new full-length on Omose Productions entitled “Those of the Unlight.” (I should have it on this issue, but there were printing problems with the first batch.)

Record of the Week: SVOID – Storming Voices of Inner Devotion (Anti Cosmic Post Punk)


Limited digipak available now

If you want to accent and emphasize your message, then you have to take care to do it in a context which is appropriate for that reason – and this was so true when we have started to collaborate closely as a core. Our debut album starting from the development evolution was really a start on that unconventional path what we have chosen. This is not a headstrong will to being different, it is just a dark matter of inspirations and open minds coming together. For us, music is not really related to genres, rather to vibes, frequencies and the experience of flow, which is boundless. Many music, instrumentation can be a lifeless medium, and we started to use this as an advantage coming about our music to appear. So we let more to influence us in Svoid as well. Coldplay, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, U2, Editors started to make sense viewed in a new light and started to show their faces within our music. From lyrical point of view at that time there were words about spiritual experiences painted onto a drapery of Null, invocations and prayers put into the invisible fire.
– Saterion / Svoid interview, Metal Manic 2016



Record of the Week: TORTORUM – Rotten. Dead. Forgotten.


I’d say “RDF” is more atmosphere-based work than our two previous full-lengths. It just came out this way naturally. It’s hard to define it with words, it’s probably best to spend some time with it. I’ve heard opinions that it’s not as straightforward as our albums, it’s perhaps more experimental too. It’s (as always) channeling darkness, but with a slightly different approach.
– Skyggen / Tortorum interview,

The excellent new mini-album by TORTORUM! Usually described as a Norwegian black metal band, founding members also include Barghest from UK death metal band SPEARHEAD and Skyggen, formerly known as Paimon, from Polish bands THUNDERBOLT, VELES and SWASTYKA (SUNWHEEL)


A trio of Siamese blasphemies: Shambles, Lotus of Darkness, Religion Malediction

Three new arrivals from Thailand. Three bands with shared members.

SHAMBLES – Death / doom metal – their new 2016 album Realm of Darkness Shrine in stock now


RELIGION MALEDICTIONBlack metal – CD edition of their latest release The Rituals of Invocation Remains Child in stock


LOTUS OF DARKNESS – Black folk metal – the latest release Wheel of Sodomy is now in stock


BASILISK back in stock for the last time: A Joyless March Through the Cold-Lands LP


We have returned to Sweden and the newly rejuvenated Unjoy to gather the last copies, stored away from all this time!
This must be the last time copies of this killer work of raw black metal will be in stock!
Released nine years ago by Unjoy (the label run by Kim of HYPOTHERMIA / LIFELOVER after Insikt), our original copies went quickly. A couple of years later we managed to get some of Vintyr’s copies. We now have a final restock directly from the label. The album was originally released in 2004 on CD around the same time as the Blackened Royalty and VIntyrhell demos and ABANDON. ABANDON of course became HATEFUL ABANDON, released three albums and hopefully we will hear more from them next year!


Incoming: Грай – О Земле Родной / Grai – O Zemle Rodnoi (Our Native Land) (Russian Folk Metal)

Slavic pagan/folk metal from Naberezhnye Chelny.
Originally released by Soundage in 2011, our copies went quickly. We can now offer the new reissue of GRAI’s second album.
The new CD has been imported from Brazil, this edition is a limited  digipak with 12 page booklet.

We also have some new GRAI t-shirts available:


Distro new arrivals



Record of the Week: SALUTE – The Underground (Raise a black flag, you’re going home in a body bag!)

…as i before have said about this band – if you don’t like SALUTE you probably have a truckload of extra chromosomes. and if that sounds positive, you’re out taking a long walk on a short pier, my friend.
– Fenriz ’09

After the Law LP SALUTE dug deep and exhumed this monster album!! Darker, heavier and harder. Thunder and diesel, iron sinew!!! A killer from 2 to Six.

” We’ve barely scratched the surface…OUGH! you want another?? OUGHGHH!! OUUUUUSEE