Salute worship week: Unreleased track Calcutta’s Bones

Salute Talkin Tough 2

Like Grinderland from the beginning of this week, Calcutta’s Bones was posted onto the Salute myspace page in 2010 (August 25) as a preview of the forthcoming LP.

The next album hasn’t yet happened for various reasons (life, Swine’s focus on HATEFUL ABANDON etc) but since these two preview songs SALUTE has released two splits: with OCCVLTA in 2012 and TANGORODRIM in 2013. That most recent split shows much more punk coming through and even a return to the DARKTHRONE sound of the early days!
This song hasn’t been released on a SALUTE record, but was included on a compilation marking their Live Evil gig.

In the distro we have both albums, Above the Law and The Underground, in stock and the two vinyl splits with Occvlta and Tangorodrim.

Salute worship week: 2009 Interview with Grind the World


Motor grind! Heavier for sure!!! The work ethic is – know you music, keep buying music, and write riffs that are horrid/sharp/nasty. We’ll never change or stop. SALUTE is an old Tanker!. Kaptain and I both write songs. I write alot separately and he brings shit to the table for us to jam out together with myself on the beaters. In the futue we will be writing songs in our room as a full band along with our drummer Jimmy Axe. Hes a rusher/shredder on the kit…sounds very punkish to me. Aggressive. Hes been laying down stuff for a while now. JUST YOU WAIT! GAS TANKS!

Full interview

In the distro we have both albums, Above the Law and The Underground, in stock and the two vinyl splits with Occvlta and Tangorodrim.

Salute worship week: 2010 Nocturnal Cult interview


We’ve kinda always done both. If we ever demo songs, and they’re good enough, we usually keep them and then maybe record the rest of the album in a big chunk, if we have a load of songs ready to go. Then it’s just a matter of mixing it all together. This is what we did with The Underground. Above The Law was all one big psycho week of recording with a tonne of beer, which was great but pretty tiring!! But yeah, the new one is being recorded as we go. I’m more confident with the gear now to just record in small doses and to not worry about microphone placements and all that stuff. Although my goal is to eventually have an old reel to reel analogue studio set up. Need the cash though you see.

Full interview

In the distro we have both albums, Above the Law and The Underground, in stock and the two vinyl splits with Occvlta and Tangorodrim.

Salute’s Talkin’ Trouble Podcast – Round 2 – Loose Dogs and Live Wires

Late with this, but here is the second Salute podcast Talkin’ Trouble!

Well it was round 2 as the boys convened at the bunker…beer and riff thirst was on as global warming showed on an easy March afternoon… Salute were in to prep for the up and coming shows in Norge and with the Noir (RIITE.. see below) We dug in for the evening… the mission: To dust of some old, polish some new and talk some trouble…allriiiiite

Talkin’ Trouble dot com!

Salute’s Talkin’ Trouble – New Radio Podcast from Swine and Kaptain

SALUTE‘s Swine & Kaptain have posted the first episode of Talkin’ Trouble a new podcast series!

First edition includes an interview with Tangorodrim and a classy playlist of Bathory, Motorhead, Occvlta…

Okk nowwwww…

It was a frosty night in the bunker as we cracked open cans and talked trouble with the Tangorodrim boys Incinerator and Darveter via skype. A special band that has been on Salute’s radar for some time and held in maximum esteem.. PRAISE! Forgive any ass kissing but this band are the real deal, no bullshit, thrashing mad pumping fist jaw grinding fury…arrghgh….. Arghgh! So envious of their riffs and grind we had to record a tribute to these crazed maniacs in the form of ‘The Fucking Priest’…

We talked for some hours about their formation, their environment both past and present and how they became to arrive at their current point. They have just celebrated their 15th year (jubileeeHEY) with a new 7″ (see pics, oughh) and seem to be as enthused as ever about their craft. It was killer to hear some of their war stories, origins of the FUCKING CONVEEYORR.. meatlocker riffs, 5 oclock spliffs, and their pen chance for ABSOLUT(E) OUgghgH!
Lets meet for those beers brothers..!! IRON RULE NUMBER ONE!

This show contains part 1 of the interview, the rest of the show Swine and I play a selection of old and new cuts, and talk trouble !! This is the first of many shows, by all means have words, comment, recommend bands, add fuel to the flames.. open some cold ones and roll!…CREEEE..PPING AND SEAR…CHING FOR VIC….TIMS UN…KNOW….ING..OOUUSSEARGHGHH!!

…oh yea and if the quality of the sound in the interview is like they were on Sputnik, that’s how we intended it !!…roll the tape