Record of the week: MARDUK – Dark Endless


Review from Petrified zine #2 (1993)

Swedish black/death – and some extremely violent shit! This band is another member of the Norwegian Inner Circle (based in Sweden), and play totally dark music like all the other members.. (Other Inner Circle members in Sweden include Dissection and Abruptum). Members of this band play for the godly death metal band DARKIFIED (which also has ex-Abruptum members). Eight tracks of ultra aggressive destruction. Outstanding tracks include “Still Dead”, “Sun Turns Black as Night”, and “Holy Inquisition.” They have just released a new full-length on Omose Productions entitled “Those of the Unlight.” (I should have it on this issue, but there were printing problems with the first batch.)


Record of the Week: SVOID – Storming Voices of Inner Devotion (Anti Cosmic Post Punk)


Limited digipak available now

If you want to accent and emphasize your message, then you have to take care to do it in a context which is appropriate for that reason – and this was so true when we have started to collaborate closely as a core. Our debut album starting from the development evolution was really a start on that unconventional path what we have chosen. This is not a headstrong will to being different, it is just a dark matter of inspirations and open minds coming together. For us, music is not really related to genres, rather to vibes, frequencies and the experience of flow, which is boundless. Many music, instrumentation can be a lifeless medium, and we started to use this as an advantage coming about our music to appear. So we let more to influence us in Svoid as well. Coldplay, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, U2, Editors started to make sense viewed in a new light and started to show their faces within our music. From lyrical point of view at that time there were words about spiritual experiences painted onto a drapery of Null, invocations and prayers put into the invisible fire.
– Saterion / Svoid interview, Metal Manic 2016



Record of the Week: TORTORUM – Rotten. Dead. Forgotten.


I’d say “RDF” is more atmosphere-based work than our two previous full-lengths. It just came out this way naturally. It’s hard to define it with words, it’s probably best to spend some time with it. I’ve heard opinions that it’s not as straightforward as our albums, it’s perhaps more experimental too. It’s (as always) channeling darkness, but with a slightly different approach.
– Skyggen / Tortorum interview,

The excellent new mini-album by TORTORUM! Usually described as a Norwegian black metal band, founding members also include Barghest from UK death metal band SPEARHEAD and Skyggen, formerly known as Paimon, from Polish bands THUNDERBOLT, VELES and SWASTYKA (SUNWHEEL)


Record of the Week: SALUTE – The Underground (Raise a black flag, you’re going home in a body bag!)

…as i before have said about this band – if you don’t like SALUTE you probably have a truckload of extra chromosomes. and if that sounds positive, you’re out taking a long walk on a short pier, my friend.
– Fenriz ’09

After the Law LP SALUTE dug deep and exhumed this monster album!! Darker, heavier and harder. Thunder and diesel, iron sinew!!! A killer from 2 to Six.

” We’ve barely scratched the surface…OUGH! you want another?? OUGHGHH!! OUUUUUSEE


Record of the Week: BLOOD – O Agios Pethane (German Death Metal)

By this third album BLOOD had transformed their sound into a perfect swampy orgy of blasphemy. As happened with some of their contemporaries – NAPALM DEATH are a good comparison for BLOOD’s demos and first album – they became heavier with each release (early AUTOPSY and some Swedish DM is a better comparison at this point). This is one of their best. HELLHAMMER, ND etc. is still the root and it’s still a majority grindcore record but the doomy/grinding death metal on this album is the highlight!

First released in 1993, we have the new 2016 reissue in stock at the distro!

Record of the Week: TORMENTOR – Anno Domini (Hideous music of the dark!)


The impact of hearing this for the first time cannot be overstated. Years pass, but every time you will be POSSESSED!!!! One of the absolute greatest black metal albums. Dark and mysterious and EVIL. I think it’s fair to draw a line of direct influence from BATHORY and BULLDOZER(!) to TORMENTOR to MAYHEM, EMPEROR and the Norwegian circle.

Released by the band as a demo, Anno Domini was always intended to be their debut album:

Yes, last year we fixed a stuff that named ‘Anno Domini’. It was planned to be out all over Hungary but last just remained as our second demo.
– János Zsobrák (the band’s manager who would often answer interviews and mailed demos), Pure Fucking Hell zine #2, 1994

The Anno Domini LP was originally going to be released by Euronymous’ Deathlike Silence Productions around 1991 but it never happened:

It’s very strange with D.S.P. because Euronymous wants this lp for a very long time, and nothing is happening. I know he has problems (MAYHEM lp, starting the shop in OSLO etc.) but think about this that this lp is very important to us. Now we have another label interested, but they didn’t give us a sure answer yet.
– Slayer mag #9, 1991

The band had trouble in 1990 and eventually split in 1991. It took a few more years but Anno Domini was eventually released a couple of times in 1995 by Head Not Found and Samoth’s Nocturnal Art Productions, with cover art by Supernal’s Alex K.
Most of the band have not continued with music. Attila Csihar stayed in contact with Euronymous and after Dead’s suicide (the same year TORMENTOR split) Attila joined MAYHEM as vocalist for De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

Beyond essential, the riffs will be burnt into your brain on first play!


Record of the Week: Sadistik Exekution – The Magus (New Vinyl Reissue in Stock)

Total death and mayhem: SADISTIK EXEKUTION with original SLAUGHTER LORD guitarist Sandy Vahdanni. Cult record!!
SLAUGHTER LORD pedigree means quality complex riffs. They shred over Dave Slave’s bass madness and Sloth’s frantic drumming, all with the intensity of early BATHORY. Not to leave out Rok’s vomits and killer artwork! The whole sound and atmosphere is comparable to Brazil at the time – earliest SEPULTURA and the Cogumelo roster, especially SARCÓFAGO who recorded I.N.R.I. only a few months before this.
SADISTIK EXEKUTION’s most praised album was recorded years before it had a proper release, but the underground has never needed more than tapes and stamps. Their demos reached Scandinavia around the Deathcrush era where they were championed by Metalion (Slayer mag).
Sandy Vahdanni had left by the time this album came out on Vampire in 1991, Kriss Hades became the new guitarist and SAD EX released another four great albums until calling it a day in 2004.

Record of the Week: Virus – Memento Collider (ex Ved Buens Ende Norwegian Avantgarde)

Plectrum drags reverberating fragments of dissonance/harmony, and the bass… the bass. Plenum makes his return matter!

Riffs refracted in a hall-of-mirrors. Czral, creative as ever. Mr Sjursø in high form. Well, it goes without saying VIRUS are top-tier writers and executors. After three albums surprise gives way to anticipation, which they frequently manage to exceed.

Abstract, twisting and fascinating music with more rhythm and punch than ever.

Three Norwegian Masters. Bravo!

Record of the Week: Instinct – The Black Wound


The more you return the more you will find.
On first impression, The Black Wound may appear to be a meandering, atmospheric and largely ‘ambient’ album. Good, but maybe not standout.
Go back. Within the dense, slow progressions the layers begin to separate. The repeated theme on Thunor Hycgh with its dissonant sting, the fleeting sweet riff buried in Chamber Dark. Touches like that continue until it’s clear Verst has laboured and layered and built a very impressive third album!

BURZUM, abstractly, is a comparison. Intelligent repetition and disciplined song writing. It’s meant respectfully.

Ambience does still play a strong role in the overall atmosphere. Each song fades undramatically into a dark and desolate droning which eventually consumes everything and comprises part II of the title track.

I am the only one who will ever truly understand the significance and meaning of Instinct beyond the musical…

One thing we do know, INSTINCT is nature worship. Blood and bone. The music radiates mystery without pretension, and I think it’s safe to recommend listening is isolation. Whether that’s sheltered or surrounded by vast empty landscapes, there you will find some truth.


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