20 Years Ago: DEVIATED INSTINCT record Welcome to the Orgy

Recorded at Scoop studio in Norwich with Mark Wyatt during this month in 1987.

A lot of the lyrics have fantasy visual imagery to make them more interesting, but the most recent lyrics I’ve not even bothered with that, and just stuck to personal feelings etc. Obviously, “protest” lyrics are valid & important, much more so than “Metal-shit” lyrics, but always remember, just by singing about it, the problems ain’t gonna go away. Protest lyrics in themselves aren’t boring, what is boring is 1001 bands blindly mouthing the same things about war, famine, nuclear power, vivisection etc, never saying anything new, I know the atrocities continue – it’s preaching to the converted. You may say to me, “Well, what do you do?” – the answer is “Nothing”. Now tell me what you do?
– Leggo / Deviated Instinct interview, Phoenix Militia zine #3, 1986

Welcome to the Orgy was an early 7″ on Peaceville (WARP2), and D.I. stayed with the label for their two LPs: Rock n’ Roll Conformity (1988) and Guttural Breath (1989).


30 Years Ago: S.O.B. release Leave Me Alone EP (Sabotage Organised Barbarian)

Nine songs, nine minutes. Killer blast of Japanese hardcore!! Or thrashcore, crossover… S.O.B. released Leave Me Alone on this day in 1986.

Early D.R.I. is a fair comparison for the aggression and energy. They had some influence on the death metal scene too and released a split with NAPALM DEATH in 1989. The metal influences were then increasingly incorporated into their own sound, by the early 90’s (like the Gates of Doom LP) their sound was solid death/thrash metal.

30 Years Ago: ENGLISH DOGS release Where Legend Began

Pinch, the drummer, writes all the lyrics. The change was basically just a progression influenced by changes in the music we listened to and in the members of the band. With this album Punch wrote the lyrics to “The Eye Of Shamahn” and basically we just took it from there and progressed through the rest of the story. Then we decided to fill in the gaps in the recordings with effects to give a continuity to the album and keep the story together. The album as a complete project really started to come together from there. As you know it’s not quite finished “Epilogue” is an instrumental but we want our fans to write the lyrics for it to close the story – we’re running it as a competition to see how deeply people get into the album.

ENGLISH DOGS released their third album during this month in 1986 on Music for Nations.

…we think that we’ve definitely made a change for the better. The album is certainly an improvement on our more recent stuff. By the way, we want to do something really original – if we write a song called “Metal Forces” do you reckon we’d get a really shit hot review?

…I think we still use some aspects of both types of music. I know we’re definitely not totally punk though – that was an earlier band that we have progressed beyond now.
Now, I’m not saying we don’t want to see punks at our gigs because they built up our original following but we are definitely closer to metal nowadays. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re thrash metal though; we call our music techno-mosh which we see as a blend of hardcore and the technical side of metal.

– Adie Bailey / English Dogs interview, Metal Forces #21, 1986

30 Years Ago: THE MENTORS release Up the Dose LP (it’s the only way I’ll get my lay)

Released this month in 1986 on Death Records (Metal Blade), Up the Dose was the MENTOR’s second LP.

New wave ties OUT – Black hoods IN

I am 28 right now, and my first concert wasn’t a RAMONES concert, so I don’t associate mindless noise with rock’n’roll. Those guys [SLAYER, METALLICA etc] do, and maybe that’s the wave of the future. I don’t care. I’ll just kick back with my ELVIS records – that’s Presley not Costello – and my STRIESAND records, and rake in all the dope and chicks I can while making the best music ever seen in rock, with a band for eternity – the MENTORS!

– Dr. Heathen Scum / Mentors interview, Metal Forces #20, 1986

28 Years Ago: G.G. ALLIN & THE SEWER SCUM live at Lismar Lounge, New York

More of a disaster than most GG performances, they barely manage to get through a couple of songs. Live on this day in 1988.

G.G. Allin is skunk piss. Rotting trash rock in the lowest form. No quality. Everything sucks and so do we.

The full song-list (the last few without vocals) – Outlaw Scumfuc, Swank Fuckin’, Blood For You, I’m Gonna Rape You, Expose Yourself to Kids