Hammemit – Nature Mystic

Artist: Hammemit
Title: Nature Mystic
Country: United Kingdom
Catalogue number: TTR 028
Released: 04 July 2009
Format: CD
Running time: 43:58

Side A – Nature Mystic
1. Storms
2. Nature’s beautiful ugliness
3. Nights alone with the stars
4. The persistent call
Side B – Mysteries of the Church and Surrounding Environs
5. How small they must have felt
6. Dreamstate hagioscope
7. Mysteries of the church
8. A memory I wish I had
9. Churchyard tree
10. Beneath the ancient dust


Nature Mystic is the latest release from England’s HAMMEMIT. Mediaeval music for modern sensibilities. Penetrating ambience drawing from the natural and historical world.
This full-length draws from two distinct eras, “Nature Mystic” (Some of the most recent Hammemit material, June – November 2008) and “Mysteries of the Church and Surrounding Environs” (A collection of older material as Hammemit and some of the last by Emit, Late 2006-Middle of 2007). Despite spanning both Emit and Hammemit the material was carefully chosen for a fluid, consistent listen.


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