31 Years Ago: LUCIFER’S HERITAGE (pre BLIND GUARDIAN) release Symphonies of Doom demo

Great band name, good demo. Somewhere between speed and heavy metal – the German sound of the time (GRAVE DIGGER and others). Released on this day in 1985.

Every night I hear thunder.
The shadow, can’t you see?
So one night I will follow.
The dark side reigns in me.

This song, Dead of the Night (guitar & vocals) has some similar parts to VIXEN’s Living in Sin from ’83.

You can hear this demo complete and remastered on the 2007 reissue of BLIND GUARDIAN’s first album, Battalions of Fear. Members of LUCIFER’S HERITAGE formed BLIND GUARDIAN after the second demo in ’86.


30 Years Ago: SEPULTURA release Morbid Visions


Our next LP will be called “Morbid Visions”. It will be 8 songs, one being instrumental. It will be much better recorded; our first one was recorded only on eight tracks, and the songs are all on a higher level, they’re faster and heavier. We’ve got a better production work, so we will sound much bigger on this LP. Late August we started recording, we recorded one week in Sao Paulo, and the album should be out in October.
– Max / Sepultura interview, Blowing Thrash #3, 1986

Released by Cogumelo on this day in 1986. Classic from Brazil, one of the eternal greats!!!


32 Years Ago: ACID live in Belgium (Speed Metal)

Recorded live in Leuven, Belgium on 2 June 1984. ACID had released Maniac in ’83 and were about to release the Black Car maxi-single. Some of new songs performed here were from the single (including Exterminator).

This set was released as Live in Belgium in 2009.

We have every ACID studio LP in stock now! All the latest expanded reissues (Maniac reissue includes the Black Car single as bonus!)
ACID – ACID (1983), ACID – Maniac (1983), ACID – Engine Beast (1985)


30 Years Ago: KAT release 666 – Polish Metal Classic!

Hard to choose just one from this masterpiece… here’s Czarne Zastępy which also opened the live LP 38 Minutes of Life a year later.

This month marks the anniversary of 666 which is the Polish version of Metal and Hell. M&H was released a month earlier with English language vocals on Ambush Records for the European market. 666 is still the best!

An absolute killer speed / thrash / black metal record!

Czarne Zastępy performed live:

DN: 25 Years Today: PESTILENCE – Comsuming Impulse

Classic Death Metal from the Netherlands. An essential part of the best year in death metal!

Horrifying skin eruptions
With protruded eyes they see
How facial features are rotting away
Mutilating endlessly
Trapped, separated from humanity
Epidemic, fatal destiny
A foul odor from gangrenous parts
Incurable sick they’ll be

PESTILENCE interview excerpt from ’87:

D.O.D. (Decibel of Death zine, France): What do you think of hardcore bands?
Patrick: I love them. They are, and now from the music and show part far more aggressive. I listen alot to hardcore bands like CRUMBSUCKERS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, D.R.I. etc..
D.O.D.: What’s your influences?
Patrick: Well that’s not difficult I think SLAYER, DEATH, POSSESSED & INFERNAL MAJESTY (only a bit the last one).

DN: 25 Years Today: SAMAEL – From the Dark to Black demo

Born from the depth of my brain
In eternal blasphemy
Morbid Metal!

SAMAEL closed 1989 with this demo. A trio of songs The Dark / Morbid Metal / Knowledge of the Ancient Kingdom (that’s how they’re ordered on this video anyway). Rough, but the songs seem to be fully formed. Early black metal with real HELLHAMMER devotion!

In March the following year they entered Taurus Studio to record their classic debut Worship Him — released just over a year later in April 91. Worship Him includes all three of these songs, and they certainly benefit from the clear and heavy studio recording on that cult album!

DN: 23 Years Today: DEATH SS – Heavy Demons (Where Have You Gone? – Music Video)

We’re the Heavy Demons, Heavy Metal Demons
You can’t stop our Rock!

Heavy Horror Metal! Only their third studio album after 14 years (yes, Italian Metal since ’77!!)
Released on the Florentine label Contempo Records who mainly focused on gothic and electronic music (including CHRISTIAN DEATH, DEAD CAN DANCE). The label closed in 1995.

Daily Noise: Crimson Glory – Azrael (Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1987)

Timeless Heavy Metal from Florida! Dual guitar harmonies, and amazing vocals (as always!) from Midnight.

Forgive the VHS wobble, this is a killer performance!! Skips to Azrael, one of the many highlights from the debut album, Crimson Glory – rewind for the full show. Live in Bradenton, FL, USA – Feb 9, 1989.