Out Monday! BELLICISTE – Sceadugenga (New Zealand Black Metal, Todestrieb Records)

Vicious, misanthropic Black Metal!! Exaltation of the Death Cult. The début BELLICISTE album is a perfected assault of poisonous Black Metal with the lawless energy of a first work, rawness and blunt strike of punk, nostalgic heavy metal riffs and rotten solos! Visions of total winter… black sun, barren earth. Carcass strewn wastelands. Folkloric spirits of the natives invoked to cloak […]

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New Belliciste Interview at Raw War

A new interview with BELLICISTE has been posted at the Raw War webzine.

The music on Sceadugenga follows a pretty similar line to the demo, but I suppose it has progressed naturally in some ways. It’s eight tracks long, which leaves space for a bit more variation. There are some slower tunes and a few rotten guitar solos that weren’t present on the demo. It’s still the same blend of raw Black Metal, with a few punk influences and heavy metal riffs, but I think it’s uglier and more violent-sounding than the previous material.

Sceadugenga will be released on Todestrieb Records later this year!

Belliciste – Sceadugenga (Album Coming Later in 2014 on Todestrieb Records)

Todestrieb Records is proud to announce a forthcoming album release by BELLICISTE – sole creation of Krigeist: founder, guitarist and vocalist of BARSHASKETH,

More details will follow but right now, you can sample The Forlorn Chant of the Mord Vargr on the Distro front page.

Belliciste’s self-titled debut demo was released by our comrades at Wolfvuur a couple of years ago and made an instant impression here.
On the demo, the atmospheres and technical ability behind Barshasketh were apparent, as were echoes of Krigeist’s former band Blood of the Moon.
However Belliciste separated itself from Barshasketh with a rawer approach and sound at times reminiscent of the Finnish underground (Horna and Goatmoon come to mind).

The new full-length album, Sceadugenga, continues and builds on the demo to create an incredible work of pure black metal – meant in the most honest sense. Raw occult metal with integrity, originality and power. A metal heart with punk energy soaked in ancient conjurations; Belliciste strike from the core of black metal with a work of immense force.

Artwork will be posted soon.

Barshasketh - Unicorn 12-1-2014

Barshasketh and Haar Live This Saturday in Edinburgh

5 April
8pm, £11
Bannerman’s Bar
212 Cowgate, EH1 1NQ Edinburgh

After a busy year of touring and recording in 2013, Negură Bunget return to Scotland to unleash their unique take on black metal, promoting their musical and spiritual vision and, as always… The Transilvanian Spirituality!

Joining Negura Bunget are their fellow countrymen, Grimegod, who will be bringing their own brand of death-doom to the UK for the first time.

Local support comes from progressive black metallers; Haar

And Barshasketh