21 Years Ago: BEHEMOTH release Grom

BEHEMOTH released their second album on this day in 1996. The first edition was put out by Carsten Molitor’s great Solistitium Records (WYRD, BILSKIRNIR, HELHEIM, NOCTERNITY). We only had contact towards the end of the label and as it became the short-lived Omvina, but always a great trading label releasing excellent pagan/black metal.

Artwork was by David Thiérrée. During the early-mid 90s he designed covers for WARLOGHE, LORD WIND, MUTIILATION, several of the Morbid Tunes of the Black Angel tapes, created logos for bands and labels including Embassy and Necromantic Gallery, made early flyers for STRID and GORGOROTH and his drawings can be seen in various fanzines. You can find David’s work and news on his facebook page.