30 Years Ago: STRAW DOGS release We Are Not Amused (The F.U.’s)

Punk / Heavy / Thrash from Boston. We are Not Amused was released this month in 1986. STRAW DOGS were really THE F.U.’s (who appeared on the definitive This is Boston, Not L.A. compilation in 1982) with a new name after the music moved away from punk towards metal. The DOGS released a second and final album in 1990. In recent years members have reformed THE F.U.’s and are currently playing live.

The lineup was not just THE F.U.’s, Chris (Bones) Jones joined on drums:

As usual, Fate has the last cruel laugh on us…
On May 1, 1986, shortly after the basic tracks for this album were recorded and its cover art commissioned, Chris Jones, aka Bones, our indestructable 17 year old drummer, had a sudden meeting with the Grim Reaper. His immense talent had been obvious to us and to everyone that knew him, we present the proof here in these grooves for all the world to hear. It is to his memory that we fondly dedicate this album.
See ya later, Bones