25 Years Ago: ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ (Chaotic End) complete recording Πέρα Από Τα Τείχη Της Σιωπής demo (Greek Crust Punk)

ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ entered Red House Studio, Athens on 2 July 1991 and finished recording this demo on Tuesday 9 July.

Another band recording at Red House that year, one that will be more familiar to most reading this, was black/death cult VARATHRON!
In January, VARATHRON recorded all but one song for their side of the 1992 split with NECROMANTIA. They returned in February 1992 to record The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep, this song was also included at the end of their debut LP His Majesty at the Swamp. Everything else on His Majesty… was recorded at Storm, the studio most associated with the early 90’s Hellenic scene.

ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ had a very distinctive sound, dramatic and dark! I’ve seen them described as the Greek AMEBIX, and they do share a heavy, often slow sound and (I assume) metal-influence. But they are different enough (and ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ are good enough) that there’s no need to lump them together.

Maybe it’s just the country and the year, but it’s hard to ignore echoes of the Hellenic black metal scene (ROTTING CHRIST, THOU ART LORD and others) on this tape. The guitar tone and the playing style and the synth.
I do not know if there was any personal connection (many, including ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ, were in Athens) but some of the riffs have that Hellenic feeling. You’ll hear it on Στη Δίνη Της Ζωής, before they launch into the crust-y ANTISECT-y Εσωτερικός Πόλεμος. Killer!

Their only LP, Μπροστά Στην Παράνοια, was released in 1993 and is a more conventional hardcore/crust record but still has some great doom heavy moments. This demo is just something else!!


Daily Noise encore: Hellbastard – Heading for Internal Darkness

I now tell the children if they won’t brush their teeth, that I shall invite Hellbastard ’round for tea.
– John Peel

Life won’t go on with take, an endless void to enclose, a pointless exercise… greed.

D.O.D: Have you guys written any new songs since you recorded the second demo?
Scruff: Yes, the newest ones to date are “Heading For Internal Darkness” and “Time Bomb”. As well are more coming up for the LP by the way we’ve a track off the “Hate Militia” demo called “Civilised” which is being released on an LP with loads of others bands. Anyway all the other new tracks are on the 2nd demo. Our new songs are more technical & fuckin’ heavy!!!
Scotty: We have 2 or 3 new songs at the moment like “Evidence” also an anti-skateboard song called “Fall Of You Bastard” do it now and hopefully some more soon!!!
– Decibel of Death zine #9, 1987

Daily Noise: Hellbastard – Conditioned

One of only a few songs that did not get re-recorded for their debut LP. You can understand why, they wrote killer songs but even at the time were not happy with the recording —

D.O.D: Are you satisfied with the way your new demo “Hate Militia” came out?
Scruff: Yes and no. The production sounds excellent when I hear it on Scotty’s record player cos his stereo HI-FI is excellent. The songs are more technical than on “Ripper Crust” but one thing is good, we have an album deal cos of our 2nd demo “Hate Militia”. “Heading For Internal Darkness” is the name of it, and it’ll have a three colour cover, an insert and a removeable sticker on the front, also 40 mins of grinding crust.

D.O.D: Your new demo has much better sound than the first one, what did you do different and how do they compare?
Scruff: Yes and no. The first demo lasts longer, the 2nd doesn’t, the 1st sounded better quality but in fact the 2nd should be better, but the bass & drums are too loud. With both there is a cover & free sticker. So it’s all okay really for £1.00 for the first and £1.20(+S.A.E.) for the second.
Scotty: “Ripper Crust” demo is much better than the new one mainly cos of the mix but we still like them both.
– Decibel of Death zine #9, 1987

Daily Noise: Hellbastard – Massacre

Sense is coming over the hill
Marked with death and ready to kill
Masacre! UHHH!

More HELLBASTARD later. This is their raw best though, HELLHAMMER influenced thrash-crust crossover from Newcastle!!

D.O.D: How has the “Ripper Crust” demo been selling?
Scotty: “Ripper Crust” sold great and people still send for it can’t say how many we’ve sold loads and tape traders did the rest.
Scruff: “Ripper Crust” sold excellent all over the world, but alot of the thanks is due to tape traders, they really helped us alot, and of course all the ‘zines..thanks!
– Decibel of Death zine #9, 1987


Daily Noise encore: Antisect – Live in Norwich 1987 (Full Set)

Playing an animal rights benefit at the UEA Barn (University of East Anglia’s old music venue — a re-purposed barn on the UEA Village grounds) with Atavistic and locals Deviated Instinct. Fucking ridiculous sound (board/room mix!) 45 minutes of thrashing crust!!!
Killer band. Crust, Thrash (influenced original grindcore too), yes.. always think of early BATHORY too… speed, darkness, raw guitars! Not to claim them as an influence (ignoring demos, their debut albums were less than a year apart), but if(?!) you are a fan of BATHORY ’84, you should try this.

Hope, future, poisoned by fear!

Alternative mp3 version

1987 review:

Originally from Northampton these guys moved down to London so they could get more work and be closer to the music biz. I don’t know if this tactic has produced the desired result but there’s no doubt that they have become a very pro band over the past year or so. The whole set was played straight through with no gaps (that I can remember anyway) which may have had the effect of “overloading” the punters. A few stops and a bit of chat can be a good thing, allowing the band to appear human which Antisect most certainly are.

Daily Noise: Deviated Instinct – Live in Norwich 1987 (Full Set)

Playing an animal rights benefit at the UEA Barn (University of East Anglia’s old music venue — a re-purposed barn on the UEA Village grounds) with Atavistic and Antisect. Crust/grind/thrash. An early Peaceville band.

1987 review:

Our very own local mosh-core smellies. Actually they’ve changed alot since the last gig a year ago in Santanas. In that time they’ve lost two members, Trub on drums replaced by Shaun and Ian on bass replaced by Snapper, leaving Mid on guitar and Leggo on shout. The music’s changed too, gone are the class war “eat the rich” lyrics and the simplistic anarcho slogans of a year ago, what you get now is well hardcore speed metal, Leggo throwing himself around the stage snarling into the mic with some vicious lyrics with Mid snarling the backing vocals. The music was very together but suffered from technical problems with the bass “I want my lead back, Snapper” and not so technical problems with one of the punters. Both problems were sorted out though and the set was worth waiting a year for, watch this space.



Antisect: Anarcho Crust Punk (Featured Distro Artist)

Antisect Artist Page

Antisect – Demos and Live 1982
Antisect – Leeds 2.4.86
Antisect – Out from the Void

Formed in 1982 in Daventry, Antisect are among the greats of eighties UK punk. Their sound crossed several genres and they influenced many to follow.
Politically connected to groups like Conflict and Crass, members were also very active in the London squatting scene of the time. Musically they can be easily recommended for fans of anarcho-punk, crust, hardcore/metal – and they had a hand influencing all.

The most immediate comparisons are Amebix and Deviated Instinct: Heavy crust punk lurching into metal. Others that cannot go unmentioned include Discharge, Sacrilege, and Hellbastard.

Not as well known as some of their contemporaries, but this should be changing with a recent reformation, 20+ gigs in 2012 -including a US tour!- and Out of the Void reissue. Southern’s In Darkness There is No Choice CD remains out of print.


Performing live in 1987 at the UEA Barn in Norwich with local (Argyle Street) band Deviated Instinct

What do you offer
What are your barriers
Who owns your mind
What is your shield
What do you steal
What is your justice
Who is your martyr
Where is your corner
What is your liberty
What is your peace
What is your purpose
Where lies your faith
Why was your past
Who do you oppress
Why do you care
What is your bondage