21 Years Ago: ISENGARD release Høstmørke on Moonfog

As I said, we don’t give any interviews and we don’t want to talk about anything, especially the Isengard album which is not an especially interesting piece of music.

Fenriz speaking just over a year prior to Høstmørke. Vinterskugge and Transilvanian Hunger were soon to be released. And after the fallout they were soon to leave Peaceville for Moonfog.

Recording for Høstmørke began in May 1994 at Necrohell Studio, shortly after Panzerfaust was complete.

Yeah, we have the ‘Transilvanian Hunger’ album ready for June, and we have something else which will be half inspired by Celtic Frost, and that will be out in January. And Zephyrous will do most of the song writing on our sixth album called ‘Krieg’ and that will be out within two years. It means ‘war’ in German, you get the drift?
– Fenriz, Terrorizer #7, 1994

Recording finished in March 95 and was released a few months later by Moonfog, on this day in 1995.

23 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Under a Funeral Moon (Unholy Black Metal!)

Recorded in June the previous year, Peaceville released the iconic Under a Funeral Moon on this day in 1993.

We didn’t care really much for the albums at the time, we all agreed that the rehearsals we did was the most important thing. We actually rehearsed a lot… I could sing on the rehearsals… which lifted the whole experience of rehearsing to new heights… All I can remember is really the best black metal magic ever…
– Nocturnal Culto interview video (below)

Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust (REHEARSAL 1992) :

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As with A Blaze in the Northern Sky in August 1991, DARKTHRONE recorded at Creative Studios.

There is scarce information about Creative, the only trivia I could find is they had two Studer A-80 tape recorders (can’t be sure they were used for any of these but it’s possible…)


Creative was based in DARKTHRONE’s home-town Kolbotn, Oppegård. In addition to the two DARKTHRONE albums, Creative recorded MAYHEM’s Deathcrush in 1987 and BEYOND DAWN’s Longing For Scarlet Days in 1993.

Flowers of doom, Rising in bloom
You will see, Our immortality!

Neptune Towers Caravans to Empire Algol

Neptune Towers First Album Caravans To Empire Algol to be Reissued in June

The debut 1994 album Caravans to Empire Algol by Neptune Towers, the dark ambient side project of Darkthrone‘s Fenriz, will be reissued in June. Cosmic ambient soundscapes influenced by the music of Tangerine Dream.

Caravans was originally released on Moonfog in December 1994 and is the first of the two-chapter Empire Algol series which was completed with Transmissions From Empire Algol in 1995.

Horsehead Nebula

Review: Rust – Rust

Review by: S.
Review score: 3/5

Fan of Darkthrone, Aura Noir? You’ll dig this.

It’s difficult to write about Rust without mentioning their influences, and perhaps presenting them as unoriginal because they are so backwards.

String bending buzz saws, loud reverb vocals, and heavy hit drums just well-enough mic’ed. This is biker jacket and aviator metal. Sharp sounds and metal uh’s! Early Darkthrone with more Hellhammer retained.
Five solid tracks. Energy, attitude, pace and spirit is crystallized in “A Dream of Skulls” and the remaining tracks build on and feed off it.

The amount of new ‘retro’ bands grows every year. Tangorodrim is notable, and Rust stands out alongside them as a quality example. This release is all about presenting Rust the idea, future releases will hopefully expand on that.

The cellar door cracks open!