Soror Dolorosa update and gig dates

Soror Dolorosa play cold-wave, inspired by bands like Joy Division, Virgin Prunes, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure etc. Smokey nightime blue sounds from deep in the city.
SD is a project from Andy Julia renowned photographer and drummer with Nuit Noire, Darvulia, and in the past Celestia.

Two new live videos have been added.

Forthcoming live appearances:
10 Apr 2009 – Havana Café Avec Lysart + metallspürhunde – Ramonville, Midi-Pyrénées
25 Apr 2009 – La Manekine Avec Frank The Baptist + No Tears + Nova et Vetera – Picardie
2 May 2009 – Café de la danse avec Naevus et Dernière Volonté – Paris, Ile-de-France