20 Years Ago: DEVIATED INSTINCT record Welcome to the Orgy

Recorded at Scoop studio in Norwich with Mark Wyatt during this month in 1987.

A lot of the lyrics have fantasy visual imagery to make them more interesting, but the most recent lyrics I’ve not even bothered with that, and just stuck to personal feelings etc. Obviously, “protest” lyrics are valid & important, much more so than “Metal-shit” lyrics, but always remember, just by singing about it, the problems ain’t gonna go away. Protest lyrics in themselves aren’t boring, what is boring is 1001 bands blindly mouthing the same things about war, famine, nuclear power, vivisection etc, never saying anything new, I know the atrocities continue – it’s preaching to the converted. You may say to me, “Well, what do you do?” – the answer is “Nothing”. Now tell me what you do?
– Leggo / Deviated Instinct interview, Phoenix Militia zine #3, 1986

Welcome to the Orgy was an early 7″ on Peaceville (WARP2), and D.I. stayed with the label for their two LPs: Rock n’ Roll Conformity (1988) and Guttural Breath (1989).