Record of the Week: Demilich – 20th Adversary of Emptiness (Review)

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In a 1993 interview guitarist/vocalist Antti lists some of his favourite bands. Among friends, death metal and industrial bands one stood out – NOMEANSNO. They were not mentioned as a musical influence, but it’s possible they were. Both bands existed within genres with fairly rigid structures. Both took a scalpel to their peers, tore apart the central elements and formed something unique. They also shared an interest in writing demanding music with an integral understanding of rhythm.
Within Death Metal Nespithe is one of the greatest, most rewarding albums of any period, any country, by any measure! Morbid visions of horror and science fiction are disgorged (unlike anyone else) while bass, guitar and drums weave constantly fascinating abstract patterns. Complex riffs, time shifts, and unforgettable dual guitar songwriting.
Technical Death Metal might be true, but it’s a boring, academic phrase. They were proficient, skilled players, but never indulged their abilities at the expense of atmosphere and raw force. DEMILICH made killer death metal, it was also some of the most inventive and unique.
The 20th anniversary package includes everything. The demos, which share many songs with the album, demonstrate the progression of the band and the continual development as they move towards the monumental album.
Easily one of the most memorable death metal bands. Underground legends. Horrified to death.