Album Notes: Ashaena – Calea (Romanian Pagan Metal)

ASHAENA – Calea (Romania, 2016)

Track / album guide written by: Cosmin “Hultanu” Duduc

Distro: Calea CD


  1. Tapae 87
    The tune that opens the album is the most aggressive song. It describes one of the biggest battles in our Romanian ancient history, between the Dacians and the Roman Empire. In 87 A.D. Dacians has won this great battle, totally vanquishing that Roman legion and capturing their flags and all their stuff.
  2. Calea
    The song that gives the album title as well is about our ancestors. Is somehow an ode to them, a way to praise them and glory them through this song.
  3. Tara Berladnicilor
    It is an instrumental song. Perhaps the most folklore infused one, thanks to the all kind of flutes that were recorded by our friend Andrei Oltean. Is a tune inspired from several folk tunes from our birth zone.
  4. Crapat di Cer
    This song evokes a huge, epic storm but its meaning stands in understanding the nature around you and make it a part of yourself.
  5. Spirit – Sageata
    Maybe the most cryptic song, lyrics wise. The song has a Kabbalistic structure and its lyrics are based on the ascension along the Sephiroth. Of course, the metaphors make a big part of the lyrics and again I have intertwined the Kabbalistic concepts with some concepts from our Romanian mythology. The song title refers to the Spirit- Arrow analogy, comparing the seeker of knowledge’s spirit to an arrow launched towards the sky.
  6. Zbor Insetat
    This one is somehow, lyrics wise, an obvious continuation of the one above. “Thirsty flight”. The spirit is thirsty for knowledge and he walks/fly along the paths of acquiring this knowledge.
  7. Mos Urs
    The Old Bear is definitely my totemic animal. The song is about the bear image and symbolism in the Romanian Folklore and Mythology. This song is one of my favs from all that I ever made.



Incoming: Грай – О Земле Родной / Grai – O Zemle Rodnoi (Our Native Land) (Russian Folk Metal)

Slavic pagan/folk metal from Naberezhnye Chelny.
Originally released by Soundage in 2011, our copies went quickly. We can now offer the new reissue of GRAI’s second album.
The new CD has been imported from Brazil, this edition is a limited  digipak with 12 page booklet.

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23 Years Ago: PRIMORDIAL release Dark Romanticism… Sorrow’s Bitter Harvest… (Debut Demo)

We recorded our first and only demo “Dark Romanticism”, recorded for about £50 in the lads home town of Skerries in a converted front room studio on eight tracks. Considering the equipment and the time and our experience we were quite shocked at how well it came out. “Dark Romanticism” went on to sell over 1 100 copies and is still heralded by many as a classic second wave Black Metal demo.
– A.A. Nemtheanga (full biography 87-07)

Released on this day in 1993, PRIMORDIAL’s only official demo was well received. Offers arrived from Deaf (Peaceville), Unisound (Greece), Hellspawn (Sweden) and others. Eventually a deal was made with Cacophonous, though not directly as a result of this demo: “A young Dani Filth had been pestering their fledgling label Cacophonous to sign us, yet they wanted to hear more songs. The answer came in the form of the live tape we recorded that night we played with Decomposed, Korpse and The Fifth Dominion (now Arcane Sun), containing five new tracks that was the tape that got us the deal with Cacophonous Records.” The Cacophonous album was Imrama – recorded in 94, remixed in May 95, released that September.

Well life is open for a lot of self indulgence I reckon, so seeing as it’s my fanzine I’ve decided to tell you a little about my own band PRIMORDIAL, the history is long and boring, but needless to say we used to be called Forsaken, at the end of of Summer 92′ after a lot of soul-searching trying to come up with things we were 100% happy with we had a rehearsal track on the Nursery Rhymes tape, which seemed to be accepted by all as original, doomy & epic….anyway to cut a long story short at present we are preparing our demo “Dark Romanticism (Sorry’s Bitter Harvest)” to be recorded definitely come the end of June, We prefer no title, it’s just dark, mystical, evil music with lots of emotion and atmosphere, with many vocal changes, and dark, occultic, blasphemous sometimes sad and mournful lyrics, if people wish to call us Black Metal I have no problem with that, as by my definition of Black Metal we could very well be that, but by some perhaps we are not, so we avoid such pettiness and stupidity by being nothing, our music is just whatever we want to play, but will always be dark and morbid, our demo will roughly be 25 minutes of the ultimate in Armageddish Enchantment (top class sound & musicianship), it will be $5 everywhere I reckon and 2.50 in Ireland and UK so write to me for interviews or orders… watch the skies…..
– A.A. Nemtheanga, The Oath fanzine #1, 1993

Credit: twitter/alanaverill

Photo credit: twitter/alanaverill

21 Years Ago: CRUACHAN release debut album Tuatha na Gael

It was actually recorded and mixed in 5 nights and to be honest we were very naive about the whole studio recording thing, this can be seen when “tuatha” is compared with “kingdom”. There are certainly some great parts on the album but overall it really pisses me off when I hear it because the songs deserved a lot more than they got. The production is very bad, we left in a lot of obvious mistakes thinking we would get away with them and as a result it just sounds amateurish. You will notice on “kingdom” the track – “catte raid of cooley”, is an extension of the track “tain bo cuailgne” from “tuatha. We felt that this could have been done better so we completely reworked the middle section. We plan to eventually re-record most songs from “tuatha” and release them as bonus songs on our forth coming albums.
– Interview with Ancient Spirit zine 2002

The lyrics for this song are taken from Táin Bó Cúailnge. You can find a translation here, the lyrics are from the section beginning around line 67:

Atchíu fer find firfes cles
co lín créchta fora chnes
lúan láith i n-airthiur a chind
óenach m-búada a thulchind.

Fail secht n-gemma láith ngaile
for lár a dá imlisse
fil fuidrech fora glinni
fil leind n-deirg n-drolaig immi.

Dofil gnúis as gráto dó
dobeir mod don banchureo
duni óc is álaind dath
dofeith deilb n-dracuin don chath.

Cosmail innas a gaile
fri Coin Culaind Murtheimne
nocon fetar cúich in Cú
Chulaind asa caini clú
acht rofetur-sa amne
is forderg in slúag sa de.

Atchíu fer mór forsin maig
dobeir tres dona slógaib
cethri claidbíni cles n-án
fil i cechtar a dá lám.

Dá gáe bolga immosbeir
cenmothá colg dét is sleg
ardaric imbert don t-slúag
sain gním fris téit cach n-arm uád.

Fer i cathfochrus bruit deirg
dobeir in cosmail cach leirg
ardaslig tar fonnad clé
cotagoin in ríastarthe
delb domárfas fair co se
atchíu imrochlád a gné.

Ro gab toscugud don chath
mani airlestar bid brath
dóich lim iss é dobobsaig
Cú Chulaind mac Súaldaim.

Slaidfid for slúagu slána
fochiuchra for tiugára
fáicfidi leis míli cend
ní cheil in banfáith Fedelm.

Snigfid crú a cnesaib curad
do láim laích bid lánpudar
oirgfid ócu imregat fir
do chlannaib Dedad meic Sin
beit cuirp cerbtha caínfit mná
la Coin na Certa atchíu-sa.

Record of the Week: SVENTOYAR – Unity (Review)

Record of the Week

Sventoyar artist store


Foreshadowing the tumultuous national events that would follow the release of this album, SVENTOYAR present a call for unity among the Slavs. The careful selection: nine traditional folk songs, three each from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
The Metal of these songs (somewhere between modern heavy metal, death metal and power metal) is used to build the scale, to infuse these traditional, often humble, songs with a grandeur and power that comes easily to amplified music. Having said that, the intrinsic glory and emotion of choral folk songs are impossible to recreate by replacing every element or forcing in others. Here the hammered dulcimer (tsymbaly) and vocals of Yulia Shiryaeva shine through with authenticity and the distinctive harmonisation of Slavic and east-European traditional song.
SVENTOYAR manage to recreate something rooted in the soul and the soil, led by the traditional naturally more on this album than their previous. An honest and timely celebration of Slavic culture from all regions!

Daily Noise: Cnoc An Tursa – The Lion of Scotland

From Falkirk, pagan/folk metal. Always think of RUNNING WILD with the soaring riff, and BIG COUNTRY during the break. Great song from their debut album released last year. New album is currently being written. Drummer Bryan is also a member of BARSHASKETH.

The lyrics to this song are the poem The Lion of Scotland by John Imlah (1799-1846). Read this poem and others by Imlah here.

Red Lion famed and feared of old
On Scotland’s battle field,
The blazen of her banner fold
The scutcheon of her shield.
Meet emblem of her heroes, whom
Thou ledd’st to battle forth,
And ledd’st to triumph, or a tomb,
Red Lion of the North!

The warlike pict, the wandering Dane,
Oft thou hast made to mourn,
And sterner glories dyed thy name,
The blood of Bannockburn!
On later fields, in many a clim
e, Hast thou pawed proudLy forth
Triumphant as of olden time,
Red Lion of the North!

The chieftain’s cairn, the martyr’s grave,
Where sleep the heroic dead,
May ne’er the footstep of a slave,
Profane them with their tread
Nor vainly may the Future see
Our armed hosts go forth,
Beneath St.Andrew’s cross, and thee,
Red Lion of the North!

The ancient mind, the ancient might,
Still may our hills produce,
To weild the sword of Wallace wight,
The battle-axe of Bruce!
The soul to love the minstrel’s lore,
And prize the patriot’s worth.
The spirit of the years of yore,
Red Lion of the North!

High honour unto thine and thee,
For never shalt thou wave,
But from the flag-staff of the free,
The banner of the brave!
And by thy glories in the past
When Scotland bears thee forth,
Stand thou for freedom, first and last,
Red lion of the North

Daily Noise – Àrsaidh (Saor) – Roots

Never yet the foot of slave
Has trode the wilds of Scotia.

Now known as SAOR (Free), ÀRSAIDH (Ancient) play epic and proud Celtic metal. This song is taken from the debut album Roots. Aura, the second, released earlier this year.

Roots quotes from Henry Riddell’s poem Scotia’s Thistle. The complete text is below, and can be read with other poems and extracts from his autobiography.

Scotia’s thistle guards the grave,
Where repose her dauntless brave;
Never yet the foot of slave
Has trod the wilds of Scotia.

Free from tyrant’s dark control —
Free as waves of ocean roll —
Free as thoughts of minstrel’s soul,
Still roam the sons of Scotia.

Scotia’s hills of hoary hue,
Heaven wraps in wreathes of blue,
Watering with its dearest dew
The healthy locks of Scotia.

Down each green-wood skirted vale,
Guardian spirits, lingering, hail
Many a minstrel’s melting tale,
As told of ancient Scotia.

When the shades of eve invest
Nature’s dew-bespangled breast,
How supremely man is blest
In the glens of Scotia!

There no dark alarms convey
Aught to chase life’s charms away;
There they live, and live for aye,
Round the homes of Scotia.

Wake, my hill harp! wildly wake!
Sound by lee and lonely lake,
Never shall this heart forsake
The bonnie wilds of Scotia.

Others o’er the oceans foam
Far to other lands may roam,
But for ever be my home
Beneath the sky of Scotia!

– Henry Riddell (1798-1870)

Newsletter: September 2012 (Pagan Metal, Folk Metal, Arkona, Subvertio Deus, Haar, Pagan Pendants, Volkolak)

Salute Friends! This is a general update for September, and advance notice of some new arrivals.

We have a huge update ready including CDs, Vinyl and T-Shirts of Slavic Pagan and Folk Metal imported from Rus’ Land. Fans of Аркона (Arkona, RUS), Калевала (Kalevala), Pagan Reign and Грай (Grai) should visit this weekend and next week for both music and merchandise arrivals. Most of these will be very limited and many are unavailable in western Europe.

We also have many new UK Black Metal titles in stock and ready to be added. Subvertio Deus‘ only album (excellent gnostic Black Metal originally on Satanic Propaganda) has just been re-released with new artwork (available here), the band has since morphed into Antinomian. The debut Antinomian full-length is scheduled for later this year, a killer record! We have the newly reissued Subvertio Deus along with t-shirts from both bands, and will add patches by both soon. See all related items here.

One of the most promising Black/Thrash bands from the UK, Holodomor, recently split so be sure to pick up Temoignages de la Gnose Terrestre – their only available recording, self-released earlier this year.

The self-titled EP by the excellent Haar has just been restocked! Haar are producing some of the most interesting avant-garde, progressive Black Metal in the UK and have been deservedly compared to bands like Virus / Ved Buens Ende!

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All of this will be available over the next week, most in limited numbers. One final teaser for later this month/October and a band, an individual, that can be credited as a foundational influence for most of the above… Bathory limited edition gold vinyl…

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