31 Years Ago: LUCIFER’S HERITAGE (pre BLIND GUARDIAN) release Symphonies of Doom demo

Great band name, good demo. Somewhere between speed and heavy metal – the German sound of the time (GRAVE DIGGER and others). Released on this day in 1985.

Every night I hear thunder.
The shadow, can’t you see?
So one night I will follow.
The dark side reigns in me.

This song, Dead of the Night (guitar & vocals) has some similar parts to VIXEN’s Living in Sin from ’83.

You can hear this demo complete and remastered on the 2007 reissue of BLIND GUARDIAN’s first album, Battalions of Fear. Members of LUCIFER’S HERITAGE formed BLIND GUARDIAN after the second demo in ’86.


28 Years Ago: RUNNING WILD release Port Royal (It’s time for the red flag, no remorse!)

RUNNING WILD released their fourth album on this day in 1988. Many memorable songs, this was where they really took up the piracy theme:

It was a very weird thing. We started that stuff with the Under Jolly Roger album, and everything started with the song “Under Jolly Roger.” At that time we were looking for a title for the whole record, and I said that was a great title for the record so let’s do it. So we did, and then we had to do the cover like that, because it fits the song. So we did it, and so we said let’s do the stage clothing like that. So we did it, and then we said let’s do the set like that , and when we looked back we said, “Oh, wow, we look like pirates!” So it just came; we didn’t plan it. And then at the times we were rehearsing for the Port Royal album, I really became interested in reading books about that. That is why the titles “Port Royal” and “Calico Jack.” are like that. We thought it was kind of the whole thing that RUNNING WILD stands for, or which stands for RUNNING WILD. It just came.
May 1996 interview

Though the rockers of the underground still scrawl some Edding pentagrams on tracks like Into the Arena:

Millions of people
Killed for the cross
By relentless religion – disgusting

The “Welcome to Port Royal” tour took place through January of 1989 across Germany and then sporadically during the rest of the year into Spain, Greece and England. ANGEL DUST were the support band for all dates.

Rolf has in the past considered this album the end of the first period in RUNNING WILD history:

Putting the albums in a rough frame, I would say there have been three periods in the development, the first starting with Gates To Purgatory and ending with Port Royal, the second from Death Or Glory to Pile Of Skulls and the third from Black Hand Inn to where we are now. Whereas each period was based on the respective previous one.
February 2000 Interview

DN: 30 Years Ago: WARRANT – First Strike

…the first two RUNNING WILD albums are perfection. With a similar feeling of heaviness and melody, and lyrics of Satanism, sorcery and fantasy, WARRANT presented their metal vision in ’85.


The RW comparison is all compliment. WARRANT confidently created their own approach and it resulted in five killer songs. A precisely formed, leave-them-wanting-more length record. And when you do, flip to side A and start again! And then seek out The Enforcer, their debut album.