Out Now: GHAST – Terrible Cemetery on Vinyl! See Original Draft Artwork

Today our comrades at Forgotten Wisdom (distro) have released GHAST‘s masterpiece Terrible Cemetery on limited vinyl!

We have copies of the White vinyl (100 copies) and Black vinyl (200 copies) available now.

The artwork, created by Arrrrrrrach, was drawn and painted on 12 inch canvas and looks KILLER presented in it’s original format!!

Here are some early versions of the cover art!

Click for Larger Image

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Metal Forces Review Ghast – Yes, The Old UK Print Magazine!

Neil at Metal Forces has reviewed the new GHAST album:

With Dread Doom Ruin, Ghast have hit the proverbial nail on the head in describing their sound, because it’s one that is very much steeped in black metal lore with those scathing, chords of dread which evoke images of remote, stark ruin and primal landscapes. But above this littered debris is a smog of doom-laden quality that worms its way through the sound like a strong, formidable and very much shadowy presence.
Neil Arnold 8/10

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Metal Forces are doing doing good work adding their archive of reviews and features, going back to their earliest issues – 83/84! Here are a few highlights:

Avenger interview 1986
Bathory interview 1987
Death interview 1987
Destruction interview 1985 (No, we don’t like to be called black metal, that’s why we changed our original name Knight Of Demon. Okay, we have some lyrics in the black metal direction, but that doesn’t matter. Exodus for example, also have some Satanical lyrics, but you can’t say that they’re a black metal band. I think it depends more on the music if you’re a black metal band or not, not the lyrics. Anyway, the subjects we write about now in our newer material are things like euthanasia and death wishes, not Satanism. If you’re gonna label Destruction’s music, then call us a speed metal band.)
Diamond Head interview 1983
Exciter interview 1984
Exodus interview 1985
Mercyful Fate interview 1983
Possessed interview 1986
Razor interview 1985
Tysondog interview 1985
Venom interview 1984 (I don’t think there are any similarities musically between Venom and Bathory at all. But I do think Black Metal (1982) – which I heard for the first time three months after we formed Bathory – is one of the best albums ever made because it has genuine feeling. At that time there was no speed or thrash around, so Venom were very unique, even though they wimped out later on and spoiled the whole thing. I mean, At War With Satan (1984) and Possessed (1985) are shit compared to Black Metal.)

Ghost Cult Review Dread Doom Ruin

Chris at Ghost Cult has reviewed GHAST’s new album:

In black metal’s vast spectrum there are tonnes of bands that push the styles and structural and musical boundaries beyond reason, whilst there are also plenty that play the recognisable imprint with greater technicality and precision than is displayed here. Very few bands however can generate such an uncomfortable but addictive atmosphere than is present on Dread Doom Ruin however, making this just as valuable of your time. 7/10

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Ave Noctum Review Ghast – Dread Doom Ruin

Angela at the Ave Noctum webzine has posted a review of GHAST’s new record:

There’s a depth within the music that’s rarely heard within this style and it conjures a feeling of gut-wrenching unease. The entire album feels as though it could launch into a fast paced traditional BM assault at any moment, and listeners will spend the entire hour anticipating this. The band never grant this release of tension though and when this record ends it genuinely feels like you’re being let up for air. Each track will grab you and hold you under its surface of slow moving grime.


Full review here.

New Ghast Interview with Iron Hammer Zine – Now In Stock

GHAST have a two page interview in the new issue of Iron Hammer zine from Germany! Terrible Cemetery and Club Bearer are reviewed in the same issue. Excellent zine filled with interviews and reviews —

Ghast was for me one of THE bands of the year 2012. I discovered them by trading some stuff with their label Todestrieb Records and they impressed me right from the first time I put them into my stereo. I really liked to listen to their stuff during my innumerable train travels to work and back, this music was really able to create and atmosphere of its own in my deranged mind while being on the threshold between sleep and awareness…certainly a strange experience. Ghast’s music is odd, individual, oppressive and disturbing and so are the band’s answers on my questions…die!!

Other interviews in the zine include: Varathron (Grc), Domains (Esp), Anaboth (Pol), Heretic/Abyssous (Ger), Scythian (UK), Tunjum (Per), Convent Guilt (OZ), Morbid Funeral (Cri), Propoved (Ser), Of Crawling Shadows Records (Ger), Bells Of Acheron Zine (Col), Ravencult (Gre), Offence (Pol), Aggressa (OZ), Supplicium (Mex), Vulcano (Bra), Paganfire (Phi), Lord Of Pagathorn (Fin)

From the distro: Iron Hammer Zine #3Iron Hammer Zine #4Iron Hammer Zine #5



Ghast featured on Mari’s Cauldron Radio Show

Direct link to show archive: http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/45489558/file.html

Two hours devoted to heavy, nasty, gloomy, filthy tunes spanning across raw doom-death, horror and heavy doom, old-school as well as slow, twisted death metal, satanic black metal, atmospheric black doom, sepulchral poisonous blackened sludge, sick swampy sludge and viscous grind punk!


More episodes and information at:

Ghast featured on Cvlt Nation

GHAST’s new album Dread Doom Ruin is featured over at Cvlt Nation. You can hear the complete album now, full review coming soon.

During the first year of CVLT Nation, I was turned on to this unreal band from Wales called GHAST. Their release Terrible Cemetery was on constant rotation for months after I first heard it. Now they are back with a new full length entitled Dread Doom Ruin out now on Todestrieb Records. For almost an hour, GHAST grabs on to your braincells and stews them in a cauldron of slow-moving filth. This band does not follow any rules, which is why Dread Doom Ruin is one of the sickest records to come out of the underground this year. FUCK ALL LABELS! GHAST’s tunes are heavy and ugly as fuck and this why they are the sickest band you will hear this week…