Incoming: GRAVE MIASMA Endless Pilgrimage (CD & Vinyl) – Full Stream – North/South American Tour Starts this Weekend

The latest depraved conjurations from British horde GRAVE MIASMA are currently tracing the Zwickauer Mulde and will arrive here soon!

The new record Endless Pilgrimage includes a re-worked version of Glorification of the Impure from Ancient Barbaric Assault times UGHHH! “Back to the halcyon days of a previous epoch”.


Endless Pilgrimage CD 2016
Endless Pilgrimage LP 2016
Odori Sepulcrorum CD 2013 RESTOCK
Odori Sepulcrorum DLP 2013 RESTOCK
Exalted Emanation CD 2009 RESTOCK
Exalted Emanation LP 2009 RESTOCK

GRAVE MIASMA Tour of the Americas MMXVI


28/05 Baltimore, USA. (Grave Miasma only at Maryland Deathfest)
30/05 Chicago, USA. (Grave Miasma only)
31/05 Los Angeles, USA. (Grave Miasma only)
02/06 Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
03/06 Lima, Perú
04/06 Salvador (BA), Brasil
05/06 Santiago, Chile
06/06 Buenos Aires, Argentina (Bölzer only)
11/06 Bogota, Colombia (Grave Miasma only)

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New Goat Molestor Video

Not a review-preview but we’ve been fans from the beginning and there are still a lot of visitors that ask for Goat Molestor (now Grave Miasma) news.

A new MLP is near complete, and a video -high quality and well edited- has been posted. It is a live performance of Obscure Terror (from the demo and BM terror over london). So although not a new song it does reaffirm the bands approach: traditional Mystifer-influenced occult black/death metal. Recorded live at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London on October 5th 2008.

Goat Molestor – Realm of Evoked Doom (Preview)

Goat Molestor

Goat Molestor

Goat MolestorJust as the debut demo settles into the bloodstream of those privileged enough to experience it, Goat Molestör reveal their next invokation of Black Death brutality!! This seven inch carries the same bestial ferocity and inspired spontaneity that marked the „Ancient Barbaric Assault“ demo so highly! It is true they find influence from South American hordes but this does not take from their own sound – strong Death and Doom influence with total Unholy Black Metal Essense!! PUNISHING! Mystifier Goetia Punishing!
Raw, Destructive, Intense production. Essential. Guitars are overwhelming with their ability to dominate the sound. The opening guitars will obliterate anything surrounding their reach. The drums are dry with very natural sound, which is exactly right for this production. Vocals are yet again Death Growls of the most merciless intent!!

Goat Molestor

Everything on this record is in the exact measure to make it most effective! When it is a fast brutal attack – it will Destroy! When it slows to a barbaric soulwrenching pace – it is unbearably Cruel!! Even the guitar solos couldn’t come at better points – hear them just after the amazing guitar parts on “Archaic Infamy” — the main guitar passages on this track are KILLER!!!! And this ‘review’ is from the Unmastered tape!! PREPARE FOR TOTAL DEVASTATION!!!!
ARGHHH Support G.M. Waste Holy Lands!

Goat Molestor

The GM seven inch is scheduled for release through US vinyl cult BESTIAL ONSLAUGHT PRODUCTIONS. Expected late 04/05.

Goat Molestor