30 Years Ago: S.O.B. release Leave Me Alone EP (Sabotage Organised Barbarian)

Nine songs, nine minutes. Killer blast of Japanese hardcore!! Or thrashcore, crossover… S.O.B. released Leave Me Alone on this day in 1986.

Early D.R.I. is a fair comparison for the aggression and energy. They had some influence on the death metal scene too and released a split with NAPALM DEATH in 1989. The metal influences were then increasingly incorporated into their own sound, by the early 90’s (like the Gates of Doom LP) their sound was solid death/thrash metal.


33 Years Ago: D.R.I. record the Violent Pacification EP

Recorded about a year after the classic 22-track Dirty Rotten EPViolent Pacification includes some greats like “Couch Slouch” and “To Open Closed Doors”. Still very much ‘punk-era’ D.R.I. – a year before Dealing with It!, three before Crossover.

31 Years Ago: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY release Animosity

Well look, I can’t even do a drum solo…Woody can’t play “Eruption”. I consider us more a hardcore band than anything else, lyrically and musically I think… Lyrically, definitely. I don’t think we have anything in common at all to do with heavy metal lyrics. We’re influenced I guess by Black Sabbath, Black Flag and Bad Brains.
– Reed Mullin / Corrosion of Conformity interview, One Step Forward zine 1985

COC released their second album, this time through Metal Blade, on this day in 1985.

30 Years Ago: DR. KNOW release This Island Earth (In my dreams, nightmares are the truth)

Released by Death Records (Metal Blade) this month in 1986, the killer debut DR. KNOW LP – This Island Earth!
Metal / hardcore crossover from Oxnard, CA. (nardcore) following on from their great EPs Plug-In Jesus and Burn.

Huge fucking Sabbath fan, big Black Flag fan, just love that shit. Love fucking D.O.A., they’re are some great Punk bands and Metal bands BUT, there are also a lot of shitty ones of each genres too. I won’t name names but there are talented fuckers out there. When Punk and Metal fucks started slamming together-it was just bitchin’. At the time there was that division-“Oh you got long hair, you can’t play Punk!” It’s all just heavy shit you know?? We can all thank Tony Iommi for it all really.

Vol. 4 was the one that changed my life and fucked me up real good ahahah – still never been able to get Iommi’s guitars sound ahahha but fuck it haaahah that from a record stand point- and then from a live stand point the first time I saw Black Flag at the fucking Starwood, ABSOLUTELY changed my shit. I mean I’ve seen Pink Floyd at Anaheim Stadium and shit like that. Up until I saw Flag, THEN I was blown away. I got hit by a HAMMER, realized shit, I can do this! They’re kids like me, not Gods.
– Kyle Toucher, OneThirtyEight.org (2014)