31 Years Ago: LUCIFER’S HERITAGE (pre BLIND GUARDIAN) release Symphonies of Doom demo

Great band name, good demo. Somewhere between speed and heavy metal – the German sound of the time (GRAVE DIGGER and others). Released on this day in 1985.

Every night I hear thunder.
The shadow, can’t you see?
So one night I will follow.
The dark side reigns in me.

This song, Dead of the Night (guitar & vocals) has some similar parts to VIXEN’s Living in Sin from ’83.

You can hear this demo complete and remastered on the 2007 reissue of BLIND GUARDIAN’s first album, Battalions of Fear. Members of LUCIFER’S HERITAGE formed BLIND GUARDIAN after the second demo in ’86.


26 Years Ago: STORMWITCH live at Conny’s Place, Hanau

Great German heavy/speed metal band who arrived around the same time as RUNNING WILD, GRAVE DIGGER, HELLOWEEN with their debut Walpurgis Night!

This was recorded a few years later, on this day in 1990. The complete live set can be heard on the 2005 reissue of The Beauty and the Beast.

32 Years Ago: ACID live in Belgium (Speed Metal)

Recorded live in Leuven, Belgium on 2 June 1984. ACID had released Maniac in ’83 and were about to release the Black Car maxi-single. Some of new songs performed here were from the single (including Exterminator).

This set was released as Live in Belgium in 2009.

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ACID – ACID (1983), ACID – Maniac (1983), ACID – Engine Beast (1985)


40 Years Today: RAINBOW release Rainbow Rising

Also available on Cassette and Cartridge

Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Jimmy Bain, Cozy Powell, Tony Carey

Rising was released on this day 40 years ago. They would soon leave for the US to tour through June and July, back to the UK for September and then on to Europe.

Man on the Silver Mountain is great, The Temple of the King is beautiful… Gates of Babylon and Kill the King are fucking incredible, but neither album is quite as consistently brilliant as Rising. Not important, they’re all classics…

Rainbow Rising” is thermo-nuclear rock’n’roll… Playing the album at home, the remark being bandied about the most of all was, “With a few exceptions, this is better than anything Blackmore ever did with Deep Purple.” I tend to agree, and it’s odds-on that you will, too. – Geoff Barton (Sounds)

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36 Years Ago: BRATS (pre MERCYFUL FATE) release their debut 1980

BRATS began as a punk rock band in Copenhagen ’77. The earliest material is good but not remarkable.

Guitarists Hank Shermann and Michael Denner (and briefly Carsten Van der Volsing) soon began incorporating their heavy metal influences – Judas Priest, Scorpions and UFO. They were never quite a punk band playing heavy metal but came close on Tame Me and Complex. Good hard rock songs, some great punk songs and a couple of moments directly foreshadowing the oncoming Mercyful Fate masterpieces! By late ’80 King Diamond would join, Denner leave, and eventually BRATS split. Immediately MERCYFUL FATE formed.

And then consider… within a year of this album Shermann (with Van der Volsing and Benny Petersen) would have recorded demos of classic MERCYFUL FATE songs. Another year and Denner rejoined to record the immortal masterpiece Mercyful Fate (Nuns have no fun)!! BRATS’ 1980 is a very good album and the origins of legendary figures in heavy, thrash, and black metal!

DN: 30 Years Ago: WARRANT – First Strike

…the first two RUNNING WILD albums are perfection. With a similar feeling of heaviness and melody, and lyrics of Satanism, sorcery and fantasy, WARRANT presented their metal vision in ’85.


The RW comparison is all compliment. WARRANT confidently created their own approach and it resulted in five killer songs. A precisely formed, leave-them-wanting-more length record. And when you do, flip to side A and start again! And then seek out The Enforcer, their debut album.

DN: 23 Years Today: DEATH SS – Heavy Demons (Where Have You Gone? – Music Video)

We’re the Heavy Demons, Heavy Metal Demons
You can’t stop our Rock!

Heavy Horror Metal! Only their third studio album after 14 years (yes, Italian Metal since ’77!!)
Released on the Florentine label Contempo Records who mainly focused on gothic and electronic music (including CHRISTIAN DEATH, DEAD CAN DANCE). The label closed in 1995.

Daily Noise: Crimson Glory – Azrael (Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1987)

Timeless Heavy Metal from Florida! Dual guitar harmonies, and amazing vocals (as always!) from Midnight.

Forgive the VHS wobble, this is a killer performance!! Skips to Azrael, one of the many highlights from the debut album, Crimson Glory – rewind for the full show. Live in Bradenton, FL, USA – Feb 9, 1989.