27 Years Ago: GODFLESH release Streetcleaner

Released on this day in 1989. Powerful ‘industrial’ metal (a term which almost instantly lost any meaning in the following decade).

The cover is from the 1980 film Altered States:


36 Years Ago: EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN record Stahlmusik in a West Berlin bridge

On this day in 1980 EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN crawled into a pillar of Berlin’s Stadtautobahn bridge and recorded Stahlmusik.

The space was 1.5 metres high, 5 metres in width and 50 metres in length and made out of steel. Pocket torches were used to lit the place and a Telefunken Bajazzo transistor radio was used as amplifier. The session was taped with an ordinary cassette recorder. – Fromthearchives.com

You can see the recording space on the film Liebeslieder when EN returned a year later.

At the end of this video:

and the beginning of this video:

35 Years Ago: THROBBING GRISTLE last performance, FLIPPER support (Video + Gallery)

THROBBING GRISTLE played live 3 times in 1981. In February at the Lyceum, London then in May traveled to Los Angeles. A week later they played at the Kezar Pavilion, this would be the final performance of the original TG! It was released as Mission of Dead Souls.

Support on that Friday came from local band FLIPPER, filmed by Target video. FLIPPER were still finishing their debut LP (Album / Generic – which is great!) at the time, it was released in March the next year.

Credit for all live photographstoyranch @ flickr

Hateful Abandon – LIARS/BASTARDS Out Now

Hateful Abandon - LIARS/BASTARDS cover

Hateful Abandon – LIARS/BASTARDS
The third HA album, officially released March 31.

The culmination of a 10 year partnership, we are proud
to present a work of industrial menace
and production line boot stomping violence.
Mechanical rhythm, metal and concrete,
pipe, wires and soil.

We also designed some new shirts and patches,
all available with the album…

No Matter the Greed, No Matter Our Fate circular patch

featuring a halftone collage of our fearless leader

Thanks to everyone who has supported
Todestrieb & Hateful Abandon over the years!!–simon

Hateful Abandon FB Update: BUMP

BUMP Hateful Abandon – Culprits (Song Preview): Todestrieb: UK Black Metal Distro Shopdistro.todestrieb.co.ukTodestrieb: Hateful Abandon – Culprits (Song Preview) – CD, Cassette, Vinyl, Merchandise, Unholy Black Metal, Pagan & Folk Metal, Thrash & Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Noise & Ambient, Diverse, 2 FOR £10, Punk, Digital, Better Together Discounts, Trades, Collections, Death Metal, Classical & […]