22 Years Ago: INFERNUM complete the cult …Taur-nu-Fuin… album (Polish Black Metal)

The light of fullmoon gave a new self-coming… A sigh of the night… Like a raging storm materialized the breath of the dark… Like a border of time found the coldness of a deep darkness…

In November 1992 Anextiomarus (Grzegorz Jurgielewicz, also known as Karcharoth) formed INFERNUM. After two raw demos – The Dawn Will Never Come (1993) and Damned Majesty (1993, with Rob Darken on keys as Icaunis) – INFERNUM prepared their cult masterpiece…

…Taur-nu-Fuin… was recorded between 8 and 10 September 1994 at Isengard Studio in Wrocław (GRAVELAND, FULLMOON, VELES).

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Along with early GRAVELAND and VELES, this album optimises the dark mystery and evil atmosphere of Polish black pagan metal in the early nineties. Eternal classic.

…Taur-nu-Fuin… was first released by Polish label Astral Wings, who released early titles by NORTH, PERUNWIT, ARKONA and others.

To North there lay the Land of Dread
whence only evil pathways led
o’er hills of shadow bleak and cold
or Taur-na-Fuin’s haunted hold
where Deadly Nightshade lurked and lay
and never came or moon or day.
– J. R. R. Tolkien, Lay of Leithian: Canto I


Record of the Week: INFERNUM – …Taur-Nu-Fuin… (Review)

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Everything in this world should be ruled by the ancient laws of nature. It’s a light in the Chaos of the Universe, it’s a fire burning deep inside of me that gives me the right and power to hate subhumans, it gives me the vital strength of a warrior. – Anextiomarus

Ten years after this album released Anextiomarus was dead and a confusing duel of releases and reformations followed. For all the splinters after his death, the true legacy of INFERNUM lives eternally in …Taur-Nu-Fuin…. A masterpiece of atmospheric Polish Black Metal (BEHEMOTH, GRAVELAND, VELES) and the first release on Astral Wings, which would become home to NORTH, PERUNWIT and ARKONA in the coming years. Cold, mysterious, barbarous black metal featuring every member of GRAVELAND at the time. With Anextiomarus’s songwriting, guitars and vocals the songs remain distinct from Carpathian Wolves-era GRAVELAND, although this is still the simplest and best comparison! Transcendent, grim black metal with thick layers of Darken keys and bitter, wretched vocals. Production is raw, keys drown guitar, drums are distant; but this barrier between us and them only enhances the mystery. Music outside the realm of humanity (or more appropriately, above.)

Our aim is to raise the storm amongst the silence, to destroy the Old and start the New Order. – Anextiomarus

Collection: Rob Darken – Polish Black Metal

Rob Darken (Graveland)

Collections are a new addition to the Todestrieb Distro, exhibiting our offerings through a connecting theme…

Rob Darken, sole member of Graveland and Lord Wind has been active in underground music for over 20 years, and in that time crafted one of the most respected catalogues in pagan and black metal while remaining consistently underground. In addition to the legendary Graveland and Lord Wind, Darken’s mark can be heard throughout the 1990’s Polish scene and beyond; from guest keyboard performances to production work and the labels Eastclan and Isengard Productions. There were many individuals involved in creating the unique and timeless Polish sound, but if one person is the connecting root, that man is Rob Darken.

We did many strange things because we wanted to extreme no matter the consequences. Our lives were to be short and extreme. I remember that Karcharoth and Capricornus were to live together in one flat. They were to sleep in the coffins and have black curtains in the windows in order to the daylight did not disturb them in the contemplation of the ancient knowledge about the Darkness. The cult of devil was rather funny fro us and we were biassed in favour of the bands that made a parody of the cult of Satan…our admiration for the creativity of Mortuary Drape was an evidence of our attitude…Karcharoth studied Crowley, I was keen on druidism and Capricornus tenebre. And so we slowly lost the contact with the reality. Darkness totally preoccupied us.

Darken is well known as a keyboard player on several classic nineties recordings. Some of the earliest examples are Infernum‘s “Damned Majesty” and “…Taur-Nu-Fuin…” (one of the pinnacles of mysterious Polish Black Metal!) and Behemoth’s early demos “The Return of the Northern Moon” and “…From the Pagan Vastlands”. Collaborations continued as Graveland began releasing full-length albums. In 1995 Darken provided keyboards for two more Polish classics, Veles’ “Night on the Bare Mountain” and the justly infamous Fullmoon “United Aryan Evil” – a more perfect example of nineties Polish underground Black Metal you will not find. Towards the end of 90’s intros were also created for Absurd‘s “Asgardsrei” and Thor’s Hammer’s “May the Hammer Smash the Cross”.

Included in this collection you will find Rob Darken’s main outlets: Graveland and Lord Wind along with releases that feature his various contributions and production work.

Graveland is my passion. The aim of my life. The sense of my life. Everything I do leads to Graveland. Graveland is essence of all values I am faithful to…symbol of my revolt and resistance against everything I think is a threat to my freedom and survival.

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