DN: 23 Years Today: DEATH SS – Heavy Demons (Where Have You Gone? – Music Video)

We’re the Heavy Demons, Heavy Metal Demons
You can’t stop our Rock!

Heavy Horror Metal! Only their third studio album after 14 years (yes, Italian Metal since ’77!!)
Released on the Florentine label Contempo Records who mainly focused on gothic and electronic music (including CHRISTIAN DEATH, DEAD CAN DANCE). The label closed in 1995.


Daily Noise: Bulldozer – Live in Holland 1989

Amazing footage of BULLDOZER on stage in 1989!!!! Only classic era BULLDOZER live footage I have seen. Any more?

Live 29 April, 1989 (Koningsdag) at the Scum Club, Katwijk. Here they are playing some of the very best early black and speed metal. Listen to Heaven’s Jail for second wave Black Metal THORNS/MAYHEM riffs!

And today is 24 years since Live in Poland was released!