35 Years Ago: NEW ORDER Live in New York (Ceremony)

Live on this day in 1981, NEW ORDER performing the intended JOY DIVISION masterpiece “Ceremony”. The song was released originally in March of 81 and again in September with another JD original, “In a Lonely Place”.

JD recordings of Ceremony do exist: a couple of live recordings (one a low quality soundcheck) and a rehearsal in May 1980 which can be heard below:


37 Years Ago: JOY DIVISION on BBC Something Else (Like a death at a birthday party, you ruin all the fun)

One of the early programmes for young adults, made by young adults and concentrating on all the subjects that young adults are interested in.

The ‘Manchester’ (including Salford and Rochdale) episode of Something Else (BBC) aired on this day in 1979. This was JOY DIVISION’s third and final television appearance, the previous two being on local Granada TV.

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A Factory Sample (available on Grey or White t-shirts)

An early Factory title (FAC 2) and the first musical release by the record label. Released in December 1978 as a double 7″. Each side featured one of four bands: JOY DIVISION (an early JD release, they recorded Unknown Pleasures the following April), THE DURUTTI COLUMN, JOHN DOWIE and CABARET VOLTAIRE.

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New Order “Power, Corruption & Lies” / Factory Logo

I think this a new design using the Factory logo to mask the Power, Corruption & Lies cover (NEW ORDER’s second album, 1983). The cover design is a reproduction of Henri Fantin-Latour’s A Basket of Roses.


Factory Records logo

The famous Factory ‘smokestack’ silhouette.


Fac Off (available on Grey or White t-shirts)

This was originally designed by Central Station Design in 1990 and printed on blue and pink t-shirts as FAC 258.

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Track by Track: Grift – Fyra Elegier (Album Guide)

Track by track is a feature from the Distro: song explanations, background info, lyric details; written by the bands themselves.

Distro: Album Page | Artist Page

Written by: Perditor

Presented in original swedish, Google provide a quick simple translation.


Dödens dåd
Vi valde att använda ett stycke skrivet och framfört av Hieronymous Gratchenfleiss som var verksam som begravningsviolinist under 1800-talet. Vi tyckte att stycket “The Noble March of Death” var ett passande intro till “Dödens dåd”, som med ens försätter lyssnaren i rätt stämning. Texten handlar om en vilsen själ med kronisk dödslängtan, som tillslut har “lycktat sina ensamma hemlösa guldår”, som jag sjunger. Jag fick inspirationen till texten när jag läste om och av poeten Dan Andersson, som dog när han var 31 år.

Förtappelsens folk
Första riffet i låten är nog det mest primitiva och barbariska riff jag har komponerat. Det var meningen att den här låten skulle bli väldigt primitiv och “stolt” i sitt uttryck. Texten har ett nihilistiskt och pessimistiskt budskap. Jag var väl ganska influerad av Johannes Edfelt och Albert Camus när jag skrev den. Samtidigt måste jag erkänna att Burzums “Belus” spelades rätt mycket hemma när jag skrev mittenpartiet i låten.

Den fångne
Musiken till den här låten kanske är den mest nostalgiska på skivan. Det hörs väl att vi gillar 90-tals black metal, antar jag. Texten i den här låten har faktiskt en lite punkaaktig attityd mitt i all pessimism. Jag har hämtat en metafor från Edfelt diktsamling “Elden och klyftan” här.

Musikaliskt var jag influerad av Joy Division här. Jag ville att trummorna skulle vara väldigt enkla, som på “Closer”. Texten är väldigt influerad av Pär Lagerkvist “Ångest” och “Aftonland”. En liten rolig detalj är att jag i början och slutet faktiskt “spelar” på min egen lie. Jag för en brynesticka mot liebladet, som man gör när man vässer en lie. Studion som vi spelade in i, “Liesmia”, är ett sammanslaget ord av “lie” och “smedja”, eftersom det har legat en smedja på gården där jag bor.

Podcast: Einz of Virus – Comatose Haze


Einz, drummer with Norwegian avant-garde band Virus, Lamented Souls, Beyond Dawn and retro-thrash outfit Inferno has compiled our latest playlist:

Normally I would have selected a few slightly more obscure tracks but I’ve been comatose all day from lack
of sleep, so I just went for the first ten I could think of.

    1. JOY DIVISION – She’s Lost Control (Atmosphere/She’s Lost Control 12″)
      The 12″ version, infinitely better than the one on Unknown Pleasures, this song possibly has the greatest bass riff in history. The keyboards toward the end of this version – one word; HAUNTING.
    2. DARKTHRONE – Atomic Coming (The Cult Is Alive)
      For me, Darkthrone made a great return to form with The Cult Is Alive. No better proof than this one, which sounds like a hybreed between Under A Funeral Moon and punk. UGH!
    3. SWANS – The Sound (Soundtracks For The Blind)
      Swans are probably the greatest band that ever existed. I heard rumours of a reunion tour (oh.my.gawd)! This is from their swansong album, a must in every self-respecting music addict’s collection.
    4. AUTOPSY – Severed Survival (Severed Survival)
      We covered this one in Beyond Dawn on our Frysh album, but you know what they say – you can’t beat the original (not that we even tried!)
    5. LEE HAZLEWOOD – José (Lee Hazlewoodism – Its Cause And Cure)
      Lee Hazlewood had the greatest voice, the best lyrics and the coolest songs. The man was basically cool on two feet. Who else could pull off a song about a fucking matador – flamenco guitars, Morricone-ish choir et al.


  1. MOTÖRHEAD – Shine (Another Perfect Day)
    From an underrated album, this shows a more melodic side of Motörhead, that still rocked like a fuckin’ mongoose in heat.
  2. ENTOMBED – Evilyn (Clandestine)
  3. BATHORY – Home Of Once Brave (Hammerheart)
    You can’t have a podcast without Quorthon. You just can’t.
  4. LADYTRON – Versus (Velocifero)
    If they get bored with doing their excellent icecold electropop they should consider doing a whole album in this style. Fuckin’ magic! Oh, and I’d gladly marry either one of Helen or Mira.
  5. SWANS – God Damn The Sun (The Burning World)
    OK OK, I know. Two Swans songs in one podcast. That’s because this is probably the most beautiful song I know. And not in a cosy Frank Sinatra way. This is actually quite brutal if you listen to the lyrics. *reach for tissue*


Direct link to this Podcast.

Podcast: Circle of Ouroborus – Influences of Infinity


Here you have one view to the origins of Circle Of Ouroborus. It’s impossible to say what the other half Rauta would say for himself, but I guess he would accept at least a few of these ten bands.
When people describe our music, usually they say it’s a mix of black metal and “something else”. Well, this playlist is also a mix of black metal and “something else”, although the black metal side is already “something else” in my opinion: all these bands have their own vision and touch, and therefore the main thing isn’t the genre but the originality and the pureness of their creations. This is a collection of the old ones, the new ones and something between, and this list can change from day to day – another allusion to the never-ending destruction and creation of ouroborus, eh?


  1. Joy Division: Dead Souls
    A predictable start? Maybe, but it’s impossible to hide this band’s influence on us. We made a “She’s Lost Control” cover for our “Shores” album, and we haven’t regretted that decision a bit. The hollowness of this band is unique, and this song has also been nicely covered by Nine Inch Nails.
  2. Alcest: Le Secret
    I have always had a soft spot in my heart for black metal bands with a different vocal approach, and Alcest is one of those bands. This Le Secret track combines rawness and dreaminess perfectly.
  3. Urfaust: Dämmert, Gelähmt Und Mit Scheinbar Erloschenem Geist
    Another unique band what comes to vocals – and for about everything else also! The split album between Urfaust and Circle Of Ouroborus was a start of a strong friendship, and I’m always hypnotically amazed and impressed when this duo makes its magic – be it opinions, live rituals or the music itself.
  4. The Dears: Protest
    I don’t care much of the actual band, but this song has drilled its way to my brain. Again very hollow and laconic atmosphere and the play between just few elements works very naturally and easily. Dangerous and depressed.
  5. Current 93: The Carnival Is Dead And Gone
    There can’t be a COO list without C93. David Tibet has charmed me with his apocalyptic neo-folk years before Circle Of Ouroborus, and it was interesting to see how step by step these acoustic elements took space in our music. “All the Pretty Little Horses” is maybe one of the albums in my personal top-5 with its diversity, and here you have one of those catchier and looser tracks from that album.
  6. Frail: Poisoning the Seed
    I just listened to Frail’s “Brilliant Darkness” demo tape and I’m more and more satisfied that there will be a split release with them. If Circle Of Ouroborus is described as “post-punk black metal”, I can’t wonder what Frail would be named! This band can create music that is raw and mellow same time.
  7. Forgotten Woods: Dimension of the Blackest Dark
    And then a black metal classic. I’m just sipping whiskey and listening to “As the Wolves Gather” and it all flows: the natural drums, these smooth riffs and melodies, the screams and growls. Another example how diverse and multileveled Norse black metal was even in the beginning of the 90ies.
  8. Joose Keskitalo & Kolmas Maailmanpalo: Tule minun luokseni kulta
    And then something different. I guess nobody knows this artist outside of Finland but now is your chance. Joose Keskitalo creates very harsh ballads, dirty blues and that famous “something else”. Songs can be tender but they can tell stories about cannibalism same time like this song. A real lo-fi genius.
  9. Lik: Hate to be Human
    If there’s one single song which has influenced on the birth of Circle Of Ouroborus, it’s this song. Although Lik’s debut is already sterling steel material from the start to the end, this ghastly anthem against mankind really stands up from the other songs.
  10. Vesa-Matti Loiri: Lapin kesä
    And I end my journey to home. Vesa-Matti Loiri is a Finnish singer/actor who made four albums full of musical adaptions of Eino Leino’s poems in the 80ies and these songs can be heard as proto neo-folk – or just songs of sorrow, yearning and regret. Like a Finnish state of mind.

Direct link to this Podcast.

Podcast: Amesoeurs – Album Inspirations Part 2 – Neige

Since their first recordings emerged in late 2006, Amesoeurs have made a marked impact on music – black metal in particular, if only because this genre was most isolated from the influences they brought with them. It is now common to see bands being formed that can credit their very existence to that mini CD.

As was mentioned in our early interview with the band, Les ruches malades – an early song played at their first gig – has made it onto the album (slightly updated from the split ep). You can read the full January 2007 interview with Amesoeurs here. The last question addresses how Neige and Audrey saw the album a few years before its recording.

The self-titled debut album, officially released today, will be also be the last. A final testament to this collection of talented individuals who will, through their other projects: Alcest, Les Discrets, Peste Noire etc., continue to produce exceptional music. Amesoeurs, as with many modern achievements, will fade out gracefully; leaving behind some fine moments.

And so, after all the bands they have influenced – who inspires Amesoeurs? Neige has given us several songs that have inspired him in his work with Amesoeurs.

On to the playlist…

Podcast - Amesoeurs - Neige

When Amesoeurs was born I didn’t know a lot about rock music, so I stress that these songs are not my all time favourite ones (even though I love them of course) but precisely songs that significantly influenced Amesoeurs.

  1. Joy Division – “New Dawn Fades”
    I like everything in this song; it’s quite perfect in my opinion. I feel close to its lyrics and see it like a description of hope when you recommence everything and begin to breathe the air of your coming new existence. You feel hopeful, discovering new places, new sensations, new people but that can’t prevent you from feeling a kind of melancholy and heavy heart even so. I know very well this sensation since I moved my living place a lot these last 5 years, so you can imagine that this song accompanied me hundreds of times.
    Otherwise I love the strong and beautiful bass line and the vocal progression. I think Ian Curtis made one of his most breathtaking interpretations here. At the beginning whispering quietly in a fragile way, and finishing almost screaming with so much overwhelming emotion in his voice. Pure art.
  2. For Against – “Sabres” *
  3. B-Movie – “Nowhere Girl” *
  4. Depeche Mode – “Stripped”
    We made a cover of this song at our only Amesoeurs concert, it was cool. I like the atmosphere a lot (very romantic and urban) and the melodic strength of this song. Especially the last chorus when Martin Gore and Dave Gahan sing together, so great! The most emotional Depeche Mode song for me.
  5. The Chameleons : “Second Skin” *
  6. Visage – “Fade to Grey” *
  7. New Order – “Bizarre Love Triangle”
    Too few people are able to see the qualities of New Order. Ok, they made a lot of ridiculously bad and cheesy shit, but excellent songs too that would make even the meanest metalhead shake his ass eheh! Check the album Low Life, their best one in my opinion. This song is from another album, Brotherhood, and really it’s a new wave classic, as much disco sounding as interesting on a melodic point of view.
  8. The Organ – “Brother” *
  9. Virgin Prunes – “Pagan Lovesong” *
  10. Joy Division – “The Eternal”
    Maybe one of the first JD songs I listened to. Play it driving at night in a suburb like place, with distant lights, greyish buildings, deserted football playgrounds, etc… Useless to put words on it. The sound of solitude, desolation, frozen urban beauty. I see it blue and abyssal. More than in a strict musical way, it nourished the complete Amesoeurs aesthetic and concept.
  11. Talk Talk – “Today” *
  12. A Flock of Seagulls – “Space Age Love Song” *
  13. Skeletal Family – “Promised Land”
    This song is something we could have composed. It is so similar to what I wanted to express with Amesoeurs for our 80’s passages. The combination of powerful post-punk drums and fucking catchy/melancholic riffing. All Amesoeurs listeners must give this song a try; for sure they will adore it. If I had to choose a song that best defines my vision of post-punk it would be this one.

* Avoiding the classics that I guess you already know, I will take advantage and recommend a few great new wave songs I discovered later.

Direct link to this Podcast.