24 Years Ago: MONSTROSITY release Imperial Doom on Nuclear Blast

Formed by ex members of MALEVOLENT CREATION and CYNIC and joined by Corpsegrinder (later of CANNIBAL CORPSE), MONSTROSITY released their debut 24 years ago today. Recorded at Morrisound after moving to Tampa from Fort Lauderdale. Artwork by Dan Seagrave.


Is the album doing well?
Yes, so far, and we’re waiting to get the year end figures. It’s amazing that sales have been good since our tour with Pestilence was cut short in Europe and we haven’t toured at all in the U.S. It’s been totally the underground which has supported us with sales.
– Disposable Underground #6 1993

No, actually we think that the production could be better. In fact, we think people haven’t heard the best of MONSTROSITY yet. We used Jim Morris because Jim hadn’t ever done a death metal production before; and we were hoping for a different sound, rather than the “in-house” sound.
– Exhume zine #3 1993