37 Years Ago: MOTORHEAD release the Bomber single (napalm to the bone!)

It was a bomber’s sky: dry air, wind enough to clear the smoke, cloud broken enough to recognise a few stars…

On this day in 1979 MOTORHEAD released their sixth single, reaching 34 in the charts. The song (and iconic huge bomber rig) was at least in part inspired by Len Deighton’s book Bomber (quoted above).

The b-side was the equally killer “Over the Top”!

This video is from Top of the Pops. Some places list the air date as the 3rd of December, two days later, but that was a Monday which can’t be right… correct date should be 6 December (Thursday night).

The programme also had The Damned and UK Subs:


36 Years Ago: MOTÖRHEAD live in Nottingham, Theatre Royal (Rockstage ATV)

Recorded live on this day in 1980. Rockstage broadcast gigs from Nottingham’s Theatre Royal and this episode went out on 4 April 1981. The programme aired on midlands ATV which closed in 82 (ITV Central now).
The Rockstage gig came after a European tour in February-March and some sporadic dates until July.
After a couple of months off, MOTÖRHEAD hit the road again for the “Aces Up Your Sleeve” tour to promote the Ace of Spades single (27 October) and album (8 November). The tour started here in Ipswich at the Gaumont (now Regent) on 22 October and finished at the London Hammersmith at the end of November with one extra Belfast date in December.


30 Years Ago: MOTÖRHEAD release Orgasmatron on GWR Records (Two Thousand Years of Misery)

As it turned out, Bill was good for getting sounds, but he fucked everything up in the mix. It was a much better album when he took it to New York than when he brought it back. A bunch of us – our people, Laswell’s people – got together for the grand, first-time playing and our publicist brought a case of champagne to ring in the occasion properly. It was dreadful. Orgasmatron was mud. There was supposed to be a four-part harmony on ‘Ain’t My Crime’, but he wiped three of them out! I won’t bore you with the rest of the ‘highlights’. Suffice to say that our publicist was edging the crate of champagne back under the desk with her foot, while Laswell’s manager was standing by the door, bopping determinedly. It was hopeless.
– Lemmy, White Line Fever

Orgasmatron was released on this day in 1986. It was the first MOTÖRHEAD album on the short-lived GWR (Great Western Road) Records. The company was formed after MOTÖRHEAD left Bronze, their label for Overkill to Another Perfect Day.

GWR was a joint venture between MOTÖRHEAD manager Douglas Smith, who together with manager Dave Simmons bought the band out of their contract with Bronze, and Legacy Records’ Ray Richards, who bought Bronze’s catalogue.

Between 1986 and 1991 GWR reissued some old MOTÖRHEAD titles and licensed albums from bands including CRO-MAGS, DEATHWISH, T.S.O.L., HOLY MOSES and other thrash / hardcore bands along with heavy metal and a few Hawkwind records.

Now some music business

In 1991/1992 Smith left GWR and Richards sold both GWR and Bronze catalogues to Castle Communications. Castle was bought by Sanctuary Records Group, the name you’ll see on modern pressings. Sanctuary were bought by Universal, then sold to BMG (with distribution by Warner) a few years ago.

Inevitably these classic recordings will be passed around between other huge corporations again in the future.
All the aces held by people who ain’t got faces.

I didn’t come up with the title Orgasmatron right off the bat. The album’s working title was Riding with the Driver (each Motörhead studio album, except Bastards, which we made in 1993, is named after one of its songs), but that track didn’t turn out as good as we’d hoped. I didn’t even know at the time that an ‘Orgasmatron’ was a contraption in some Woody Allen film – I never saw the movie – but I’ve been told about it quite often since! However, I made up the word on my own. A lot of our fans consider this album on of our ‘classics’, and there are some great songs on it – the title track and ‘Deaf Forever’, for example. I’ll always have problems with the way it was mixed, though. As far as I’m concerned it was only half the album it should have been.
– Lemmy, White Line Fever

21 Years Ago: MOTÖRHEAD release Sacrifice (12th Album)

A lot of nonsense in music that year. For everyone else MOTÖRHEAD delivered Sacrifice. The first and last songs are killer, quite a lot of punk especially early on..and of course heavy rock throughout!

Sacrifice was the last album with Würzel:

He only played one solo on the whole album. He was gone already before we started that album. His input was, like, very minimal. It’s a shame about Würzel; he started to believe the wrong people. ‘Cause I was his best friend in the band and offstage – I was his best friend – and he didn’t believe that; he started accusing me of stealin’ his money and shit, like I need Würzel’s money. I mean, I’ve got all that money coming from Hawkwind before him and the Motörhead before him – I didn’t need his fuckin’ money, and I wouldn’t have stolen it even if I did. That’s not like me. But there he goes – you make your choices and suffer the consequences.
– Lemmy


33 Years Ago: VOIVOD Play Their First Ever Gig

Piggy, Away, Blacky and Snake!

Live in Saguenay, QC, Canada about 7 months after forming (Nov 82).

VOIVOD played 4 original songs at this first ever gig: Voivod, Condemned to the Gallows, Blower, Voivod (reprise!), Anomalies.

The rest were covers and give a good idea of some of their main influences: Venom (x5), Tank, Sweet Savage (x2), Motorhead (x4), Raven, Judas Priest (x2), A II Z, Budgie.

So long Philthy Animal Phil Taylor! RIP 1954-2015

I’m in your life, just might be in your wife!

My dear friend and brother passed away last night.
He had been ill for sometime but that does not make it any easier when the time finally comes. I have known Phil since he was 21 and he was one hell of a character. Fortunately we made some fantastic music together and I have many many fond memories of our time together. Rest in Peace, Phil!

Fast Eddie Clarke

No one reading this needs to be told, but why not repeat it… MOTÖRHEAD – especially the albums with this man on drums – changed everything. They are the root; origin of almost all extreme metal and together with SABBATH and PRIEST influenced virtually everyone to follow – VENOM, BATHORY, thrash, speed, black, death, any punk that would influence later metal… on and on. Personally too, Phil most of all; sure you’ve similar stories. Fuck sake……

Believe me, the hammer’s gonna bring you down!
On Parole
Ace of Spades
No Sleep ’til Hammersmith
Iron Fist
Another Perfect Day
Rock ‘n’ Roll