26 Years Ago: MY DYING BRIDE finish recording Towards the Sinister first demo

Recorded at Revolver Studios over a weekend, MY DYING BRIDE completed their debut demo on this day (a Sunday) in 1990.

At the same time, ANATHEMA were recording their debut demo at M.A. Studios (they started on the Friday).

Towards the Sinister review from Holocaust zine #5 1991:

Man, I do love the British scene with such God bands like NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, BOLT THROWER, PARADISE LOST, BENEDICTION (to mention only some names…) I think without these bands the Death Metal scene would be very poor. Am I right? Sure I am! Praise England!!! Now you can add the next band to the list – MY DYING BRIDE! I love the name, it sounds dark to me. Their debut demo “Towards The Sinister” is dark & evil as well. Don’t listen to this tape, when you feel ill, because it’ll crush you!!! MY DYING BRIDE plays slow, ultra heavy, grind you to death kind of stuff. The faster parts are also really heavy and awesome, but there’s not a lot of it! The most of the time is cold, slow and doomy! The demo starts with the longest song “Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium” done in the wicked BATHORY meets PARADISE LOST vein with great frightening bells… Then we got “Vast Choirs” with some evil keyboard stuff, “The Grief Of Age” and “Catching Feathers”. True evil, ancient dark Death Metal…I love it!! Besides the demo the band also did a 2 song EP “God Is Alone” for french label – Listenable Records. As a result of the demo the band signed with Peaceville Rec. and there will be a LP out soonish! Can’t wait for its release. MY DYING BRIDE…more bands like this! The demo is $ 6, EP is $ 7……


26 Years Ago: ANATHEMA complete their first demo An Iliad of Woes

Recorded at M.A. Studios over a long weekend, ANATHEMA began recording on Friday 23 November and completed their debut demo on this day (a Sunday) in 1990.

At the same time, MY DYING BRIDE were recording their debut demo at Revolver Studios (they started on Saturday).

An Iliad of Woes review (mostly about the second demo) from Holocaust zine #5 1991:

ANATHEMA is an young, but very promising Death Metal outfit from UK…. They were previously called PAGAN ANGEL. In November ’90 they change the name into ANATHEMA and entered the studio to record their first demo. It was a 4 tracker entitled “An Iliad Of Woes” that went round the scene thanks to tapetrading. In May ’91 the second demo “All Faith Is Lost” was released. I prefer to talk about this one, because it’s newer and better. Hey! Note that I didn’t say the first demo is bad!!!! No way! It still fucking crushes! But the second tape is much more better. KILLER!!!! The music is slow, very slow, gloomy and doomy with interesting lead guitar creating great nostalgic/romantic moods. Yeah, the lead guitar is what I like most in the ANATHEMA’s music… Along with the vocals. They are very heavy and deep. Some moments can remind you of PARADISE LOST, but the whole thing sounds pretty original. Headcrushing stuff!!! Grinding Death!!! “All Faith is Lost” contains 4 songs and each one is more than five minutes long. The tape is obtainable for $ 5 (everywhere). GET IT NOW! You won’t be disapointed, I promise!

New T.O.M.B. Video and Album Retrospective

Here is a new T.O.M.B. lyric-video. Their latest album, Fury Nocturnus, is out now on Peaceville. Below are some of the past T.O.M.B. recordings. US Black Noise. Summon apparitions of Unrest once more!

Tomb Noone sitting

Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy III is our latest release with T.O.M.B., from October 2014. This digital-only collection includes a fully remixed and remastered Macabre Noize Royale (an album we first released on CD in 2008), Nameless Spells and Incantations (an album originally released in 2013) and a live recording of T.O.M.B.’s set opening for WATAIN in 2014.


We released the first T.O.M.B. album, Sacrilegium, on cassette in 2005. It’s also available in digital formats:

The original version of Macabre Noize Royale is available in digital formats (CD long sold out):

UAG (Undercovered Ancient Gateways) was the album that followed Macabre Noize Royale in 2010:

Third Wave Holocaust was released in 2013:

You can hear some of the earliest T.O.M.B. material below. The first part is the Black Crypt Worship demo followed by Sacrilegium and other rare tracks:


20 Years Ago: MY DYING BRIDE release Like Gods of the Sun

…that’s actually possibly the only album we planned, because normally we just write stuff and we put it on record; we don’t really know what the sound, what the finished product is going to be like. For Like Gods of the Sun, we knew that so many bands were leaving the guitars very low, you almost couldn’t hear any guitars at all, in some supposedly heavy metal people’s records, it was just keyboards, bass and vocals, and we thought it was wrong – why did they bother getting a guitar player if you can’t hear him? So we made a decision to make sure Like Gods of the Sun was a very heavy album, so we had to have low and ultra-heavy guitar chords, down-tuned, and we mixed it so the guitars would be right in your face. We purposely made that album less experimental in favor of pure heaviness.
– Aaron Stainthorpe / My Dying Bride interview, Chronicles of Chaos (1998)

MY DYING BRIDE released Like Gods of the Sun, their fourth album, on this day in 1996.

24 Years Ago: AT THE GATES release debut The Red in the Sky Is Ours

When we were choosing the cover we wanted a red very intense yet abstract picture. We couldn’t find any picture which filled our wishes, so Anders and his father took the picture themselves. It’s a picture of a hand holding an onyx (kind of a stone). There is no special meaning to it except that it captured the feel we were looking for.

The Red in the Sky… was their debut album and the first release after signing with Deaf Records (Peaceville). The deal was for three albums, the last being Terminal Spirit Disease in 1994. They didn’t renew the contract and signed with Earache for their last album (before re-forming a few years later) Slaughter of the Soul (1995).

In the distro: we do have some ATG CDs in stock including the Gardens of Grief demo reissue (released before this album)

In all modern listings the release date is given as this day in 1992, this ad gives a different date but it could be for a later US or European release:

Masterpieces from Peaceville

…it’s a really mixed emotions awaked by our music and our sound. The main complain has been the sound, but that don’t get us in a bad mood in any way. I would say that it has been positively received generally. But yes, we’ve had some negative reviews, but not from the underground though. I have to defend us by saying we’re not playing to please the masses. We would rather have 1 devouted fan instead of 10 who’re just buying our music ’cause it’s a trend. Although I’m really happy to sell many records, and good reviews in the major mags sure helps to do that. We will always do what we like and believe in and if other people like it as well then I’m happy.

…we did consider to use Sunlight for “The Red in the Sky…” but that studio was not available at the time when we wanted to record. So we had that choice to enter Art “fucking expensive” studios or to wait a couple of months for Sunlight to be available. A choice we will regret for the rest of our lives was that we chose Art studios. That studio deserves to be unknown, no make that forgotten!

…it was never in our intention to produce it outselves, it just turned out that way since the soundengineer almost never showed up to the recording sessions. He just told us which buttons to press. So yes, we had a very hard time with finding the sound we did and although it was no the sound we were looking for and a lot of people criticize it, we were in the end quite pleased, ’cause it’s something we’ve done outselves. Although if it would have been recorded today it would not sound like that at all, soundwise. Considering it as a mark of what we were about at the recording time, we’re proud of the sound, and the whole impression it makes.

– Adrian Erlandsson, Carrion zine #3 1993

23 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Under a Funeral Moon (Unholy Black Metal!)

Recorded in June the previous year, Peaceville released the iconic Under a Funeral Moon on this day in 1993.

We didn’t care really much for the albums at the time, we all agreed that the rehearsals we did was the most important thing. We actually rehearsed a lot… I could sing on the rehearsals… which lifted the whole experience of rehearsing to new heights… All I can remember is really the best black metal magic ever…
– Nocturnal Culto interview video (below)

Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust (REHEARSAL 1992) :

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As with A Blaze in the Northern Sky in August 1991, DARKTHRONE recorded at Creative Studios.

There is scarce information about Creative, the only trivia I could find is they had two Studer A-80 tape recorders (can’t be sure they were used for any of these but it’s possible…)


Creative was based in DARKTHRONE’s home-town Kolbotn, Oppegård. In addition to the two DARKTHRONE albums, Creative recorded MAYHEM’s Deathcrush in 1987 and BEYOND DAWN’s Longing For Scarlet Days in 1993.

Flowers of doom, Rising in bloom
You will see, Our immortality!

24 Years Ago: MY DYING BRIDE release As the Flower Withers (UK Death Doom Metal)

From Peaceville newsletter June 1992:

Things have been slightly hectic releasewise over the last few months with new releases from DARKTHRONE, MY DYING BRIDE, IMPALER, KONG, SONIC VIOLENCE and AUTOPSY. All of these are doing really well with MY DYING BRIDE taking Europe by storm. Their debut album, ‘As the Flower Withers‘ has double the advance orders of any other Peaceville debut including PARADISE LOST and AUTOPSY.

Two of the band have just returned from a press trip to Europe, doing no less than 30 interviews for radio and major press in just over five days. Plans are afoot for a tour later this year with Californian sickoes G.G.F.H. The tour should be something new with one of the weirdest stage shows ever from G.G.F.H.

27 Years Ago: PARADISE LOST record Frozen Illusion demo

On this day 27 years ago PARADISE LOST were recording their second demo at LION Studios in Leeds.

Lion was owned by members of GOLD FRANKINCENSE & DISK DRIVE and had a welcoming attitude towards the growing anarcho-punk scene in Leeds and West Yorkshire.
Other bands that recorded their early material at Lion include Doom, Chumbawamba, Passion Killers, Sore Throat, Hellbastard, Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, Electro Hippies (pre Carcass), The Membranes…

Peaceville’s Hammy was already working with Paradise Lost on this demo. Peaceville would release the debut Lost Paradise album later that same year. The LP was recorded at Academy Studios. Early Peaceville metal releases by Anathema and My Dying Bride were all recorded at Academy.

Lion has an important connection to the label, especially the earlier Peaceville Tapes & distro days. DI’s “Rock n Roll Conformity” and Passion Killers’ “Motion… Yet Motionless” are just a couple of Peaceville releases recorded at the studio.