25 Years Ago: PROFANATICA live at Candlewood Inn, Brookfield, CT

Live on this day in 1992. PROFANATICA live at Candlewood Inn in Brookfield, which is apparently now an upmarket wedding venue (“Abode of the blessed I will strike”…!) since it “underwent a million dollar update and expansion before opening exclusively for private events in 1999”.


26 Years Ago: MASACRE record the Ola de Violencia EP

The first major release by Colombian cult MASACRE! Recorded on the 9th of May at Midi Mix Studios, Medellín, Antioquia, COLOMBIA.

Self released the following year, it quickly reached the European underground and they signed to Osmose. The debut LP Reqviem was released in October of that year followed by this EP, Ola de Violencia, re-released as a split with PROFANATICA. The split included two live bonus tracks.