30 Years Ago: THE MENTORS release Up the Dose LP (it’s the only way I’ll get my lay)

Released this month in 1986 on Death Records (Metal Blade), Up the Dose was the MENTOR’s second LP.

New wave ties OUT – Black hoods IN

I am 28 right now, and my first concert wasn’t a RAMONES concert, so I don’t associate mindless noise with rock’n’roll. Those guys [SLAYER, METALLICA etc] do, and maybe that’s the wave of the future. I don’t care. I’ll just kick back with my ELVIS records – that’s Presley not Costello – and my STRIESAND records, and rake in all the dope and chicks I can while making the best music ever seen in rock, with a band for eternity – the MENTORS!

– Dr. Heathen Scum / Mentors interview, Metal Forces #20, 1986


28 Years Ago: G.G. ALLIN & THE SEWER SCUM live at Lismar Lounge, New York

More of a disaster than most GG performances, they barely manage to get through a couple of songs. Live on this day in 1988.

G.G. Allin is skunk piss. Rotting trash rock in the lowest form. No quality. Everything sucks and so do we.

The full song-list (the last few without vocals) – Outlaw Scumfuc, Swank Fuckin’, Blood For You, I’m Gonna Rape You, Expose Yourself to Kids

25 Years Ago: ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ (Chaotic End) complete recording Πέρα Από Τα Τείχη Της Σιωπής demo (Greek Crust Punk)

ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ entered Red House Studio, Athens on 2 July 1991 and finished recording this demo on Tuesday 9 July.

Another band recording at Red House that year, one that will be more familiar to most reading this, was black/death cult VARATHRON!
In January, VARATHRON recorded all but one song for their side of the 1992 split with NECROMANTIA. They returned in February 1992 to record The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep, this song was also included at the end of their debut LP His Majesty at the Swamp. Everything else on His Majesty… was recorded at Storm, the studio most associated with the early 90’s Hellenic scene.

ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ had a very distinctive sound, dramatic and dark! I’ve seen them described as the Greek AMEBIX, and they do share a heavy, often slow sound and (I assume) metal-influence. But they are different enough (and ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ are good enough) that there’s no need to lump them together.

Maybe it’s just the country and the year, but it’s hard to ignore echoes of the Hellenic black metal scene (ROTTING CHRIST, THOU ART LORD and others) on this tape. The guitar tone and the playing style and the synth.
I do not know if there was any personal connection (many, including ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ, were in Athens) but some of the riffs have that Hellenic feeling. You’ll hear it on Στη Δίνη Της Ζωής, before they launch into the crust-y ANTISECT-y Εσωτερικός Πόλεμος. Killer!

Their only LP, Μπροστά Στην Παράνοια, was released in 1993 and is a more conventional hardcore/crust record but still has some great doom heavy moments. This demo is just something else!!

31 Years Ago: EXCEL record the Personal Onslaught demo

Crossover thrash, hardcore from Venice / Playa del Rey, California. EXCEL recorded the Personal Onslaught demo on this day in 1985 at R&L Studios (the same studio they recorded the Sonic Decapitation and Refuse to Quit demos).

Through tape trading Personal Onslaught spread well with punks and thrashers. All four songs on this demo were re-recorded for the debut LP Split Image which came out just over 2 years later, a highly anticipated release!

EXCEL merch

35 Years Ago: THROBBING GRISTLE last performance, FLIPPER support (Video + Gallery)

THROBBING GRISTLE played live 3 times in 1981. In February at the Lyceum, London then in May traveled to Los Angeles. A week later they played at the Kezar Pavilion, this would be the final performance of the original TG! It was released as Mission of Dead Souls.

Support on that Friday came from local band FLIPPER, filmed by Target video. FLIPPER were still finishing their debut LP (Album / Generic – which is great!) at the time, it was released in March the next year.

Credit for all live photographstoyranch @ flickr

28 Years Ago: LIP CREAM live at Shinjuku Antiknock, Japan (Hardcore Punk)

On this day 28 years ago LIP CREAM were playing at Antiknock (which is still around – website) in Shinjuku (Tokyo), Japan.

This concert was released on video as Lip Cream Only in ’88.

9th Nightmare
End Of You
Cry Of Silence
For My Life
Big Foot
Lonely Rock
Despair After Hope, Hope After Despair

33 Years Ago: NAPALM DEATH record Unpopular Yawns of Middle Class Warfare demo

Pray to the gods and worship the goods…

Anarcho punk band (as they were) Napalm Death recorded Unpopular Yawns of Middle Class Warfare on this day in 1983.
Very rare, haven’t been able to find a sample but a song was included on Bullshit Detector Vol 3 (CRASS Records compilations).
The Bullshit Detector insert says “Recorded 1.4.83 at Slaphead Studios” which was the Kak demo session. Kak was recorded and released a few weeks before Unpopular Yawns with the same lineup.


source: shit-fi