Daily Noise: Of Spire & Throne – Cascading Shard (Tour Starts Next Week)

purify reflection
barrier for resolve

Crushing and ambient doom metal from Edinburgh! This song is taken from their new album Toll of the Wound.

Of Spire & Throne demos and t-shirts

OS&T begin a seven date UK tour next week, flyer below. Cities include: Newcastle, London, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Inverness.



Daily Noise: The Skids – The Olympian (35 Years – Days in Europa)

Richard (SKIDS vocalist) posted this today:

Days in Europa was released in October 1979, so not quite 35 really; but a convenient reason to play an iconic Scottish band today. Guitarist Stuart Adamson left shortly after this album to form BIG COUNTRY.

Now we’ve met the hostility
Now we’ve met the gratitude
Carried the banners and the flank
They lay together while we sank

This is the classic artwork, Virgin forced a change soon after release — reissues in recent years have restored the original design.

Daily Noise: Cnoc An Tursa – The Lion of Scotland

From Falkirk, pagan/folk metal. Always think of RUNNING WILD with the soaring riff, and BIG COUNTRY during the break. Great song from their debut album released last year. New album is currently being written. Drummer Bryan is also a member of BARSHASKETH.

The lyrics to this song are the poem The Lion of Scotland by John Imlah (1799-1846). Read this poem and others by Imlah here.

Red Lion famed and feared of old
On Scotland’s battle field,
The blazen of her banner fold
The scutcheon of her shield.
Meet emblem of her heroes, whom
Thou ledd’st to battle forth,
And ledd’st to triumph, or a tomb,
Red Lion of the North!

The warlike pict, the wandering Dane,
Oft thou hast made to mourn,
And sterner glories dyed thy name,
The blood of Bannockburn!
On later fields, in many a clim
e, Hast thou pawed proudLy forth
Triumphant as of olden time,
Red Lion of the North!

The chieftain’s cairn, the martyr’s grave,
Where sleep the heroic dead,
May ne’er the footstep of a slave,
Profane them with their tread
Nor vainly may the Future see
Our armed hosts go forth,
Beneath St.Andrew’s cross, and thee,
Red Lion of the North!

The ancient mind, the ancient might,
Still may our hills produce,
To weild the sword of Wallace wight,
The battle-axe of Bruce!
The soul to love the minstrel’s lore,
And prize the patriot’s worth.
The spirit of the years of yore,
Red Lion of the North!

High honour unto thine and thee,
For never shalt thou wave,
But from the flag-staff of the free,
The banner of the brave!
And by thy glories in the past
When Scotland bears thee forth,
Stand thou for freedom, first and last,
Red lion of the North

Daily Noise – Àrsaidh (Saor) – Roots

Never yet the foot of slave
Has trode the wilds of Scotia.

Now known as SAOR (Free), ÀRSAIDH (Ancient) play epic and proud Celtic metal. This song is taken from the debut album Roots. Aura, the second, released earlier this year.

Roots quotes from Henry Riddell’s poem Scotia’s Thistle. The complete text is below, and can be read with other poems and extracts from his autobiography.

Scotia’s thistle guards the grave,
Where repose her dauntless brave;
Never yet the foot of slave
Has trod the wilds of Scotia.

Free from tyrant’s dark control —
Free as waves of ocean roll —
Free as thoughts of minstrel’s soul,
Still roam the sons of Scotia.

Scotia’s hills of hoary hue,
Heaven wraps in wreathes of blue,
Watering with its dearest dew
The healthy locks of Scotia.

Down each green-wood skirted vale,
Guardian spirits, lingering, hail
Many a minstrel’s melting tale,
As told of ancient Scotia.

When the shades of eve invest
Nature’s dew-bespangled breast,
How supremely man is blest
In the glens of Scotia!

There no dark alarms convey
Aught to chase life’s charms away;
There they live, and live for aye,
Round the homes of Scotia.

Wake, my hill harp! wildly wake!
Sound by lee and lonely lake,
Never shall this heart forsake
The bonnie wilds of Scotia.

Others o’er the oceans foam
Far to other lands may roam,
But for ever be my home
Beneath the sky of Scotia!

– Henry Riddell (1798-1870)

Acatalepsy - Acatalepsy

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Complex and challenging Death Metal from Scotland! Blending death and doom metal with a variety of other musical influences and diverse, technical songwriting! Acatalepsy members are also involved in Haar, Barshasketh, Of Spire & Throne, Erowid.

Limited edition self-released EP, 150 handnumbered copies. Pro-manufactured red CDr discs, 4 page booklet, folded card case and pvc sleeve.

True cognition escapes, enduring lore reigns

“Acatalepsy mix the brutal and the sublime effortlessly throughout the 4 tracks, and show that they have a wide musical vocabulary. With an original and thoughtful approach to the lyrics as well as the music, who knows what they could achieve in the future?” Metal Team

Haar - 2012 EP

Upcoming release: Haar – EP 2012 (Edinburgh based Progressive UK Black Metal)

Todestrieb Records is proud to announce a new release for MMXII

Haar (artist page | merchandise | facebook), named after the North Sea fog that envelops part of Eastern Scotland, are  producing some of the most interesting and avant-garde Black Metal in the UK. Their two releases, EP 2010 and EP 2012 have been deservedly compared to two masters of this field – Norway’s Virus and Ved Buens Ende!

“Haar really are shaft of light in the almost impenetrable murk that is the UK Black Metal scene right now, a statement that is proven by their inclusion in shows with such amazing bands as A Forest of Stars and Old Corpse Road. The UK Metal scene is at a very strong point and Haar are the epitome of this.”

Members of Haar are also involved in other important Edinburgh bands including Barshasketh, death metal band Acatalepsy and blackened bands Erowid and Vostok.

EP 2012 was self-released by the band earlier this year and limited to 100 CDr copies. We will be re-pressing the record on CD in greater quantity, keeping the same design and presentation, in order for this music to reach more people. The EP stands alone as an essential release, this re-print is also intended to serve as an anticipation builder for their debut album which is currently being assembled.

Haar are an active live band, our Gigs page will update with forthcoming dates.

More details to be announced soon. A sample song follows…