30 Years Ago: S.O.B. release Leave Me Alone EP (Sabotage Organised Barbarian)

Nine songs, nine minutes. Killer blast of Japanese hardcore!! Or thrashcore, crossover… S.O.B. released Leave Me Alone on this day in 1986.

Early D.R.I. is a fair comparison for the aggression and energy. They had some influence on the death metal scene too and released a split with NAPALM DEATH in 1989. The metal influences were then increasingly incorporated into their own sound, by the early 90’s (like the Gates of Doom LP) their sound was solid death/thrash metal.


30 Years Ago: REGURGITATION record the Organic Backwash demo

Killer early death / thrash from New Jersey! Organic Backwash was recorded during this month in 1986 at Studio “X”.

Only released one other demo after this but members went on to form O.L.D.