34 Years Ago: THE EXPLOITED release Troops of Tomorrow (UK 82)

Fuck Disco. Fuck Fashion. Fuck You.

It’s the same ideas but musically it’s better. We had more time to work on it than we did the first LP. Better conditions to record it in. Like, the first LP we done in three and a half days and it cost six hundred pounds. It wasn’t very good.

– Big John, New Mania #6 1982



29 Years Ago: THE STUPIDS record their second Peel Session

Recorded 12th May 1987, broadcast on the 27th May Peel show

Ipswich punk influenced by US hardcore, skate punk and some UK punk without the politics. Great session, Peel also re-played several songs from an earlier session by The Fall.

We have both Peel sessions on CD and Vinyl along with more THE STUPIDS on CD and THE STUPIDS on Vinyl.