26 Years Ago: INCANTATION remix Entrantment of Evil at Trax East

Entrantment of Evil was recorded earlier in the year, between 26 May and 2 June at Stardust Recording. Seraphic Decay released the original 7″ soon after in August 1990.

INCANTATION’s partnership with Relapse was formed around this time, and on this day in 1990 they remixed the songs from Entrantment of Evil at Trax East Studios ready for a re-issue on Relapse in 1991.

The band returned to Trax East twice in 1991 to record Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies and Onward to Golgotha, both released by Relapse.

We had a basic idea on what sound we were looking for but it was very difficult to explain it so the engineers would understand. The demos came close, but we really found our sound recording-wise when we went to do the split LP with AMORPHIS. I feel “Onward To Golgotha” was just a little more refined. We did have to remix “Onward To Golgotha” after the first mix, because us and Relapse were not happy with the first mix. The 2nd is what we went with. I think it was hard for the engineer to understand what we were looking for. But he did a good job. On “Mortal Throne Of Nazarene” we went to a different studio but they were just not on the same page as us and that recording turned into a mess. We wasted a lot of money and ended up with something that none of us was happy with.

…at the time that was our recording for the split LP with AMORPHIS. But we ended up scraping it and using 2 tracks for the “Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies” 7″ EP. I think the recording was good for us. It ended up being more of a demo for us so we can hear a good recording of some of our newer songs at the time. It was good preparation for “Onward To Golgotha”. We realized we played the songs slower in the studio than we did at shows or rehearsals. Also we were about to tell if the song structures were good and if the riff sounded good together in that order. It also helps to make sure all the vocal patterns are working good with the music. I think it helped make the “Onward To Golgotha” recording better having done the split first. I always like recording demos of all our new songs, it’s always great to hear a good recording of the songs before doing an album.
– John McEntee / Incantation interview, Voices from the Darkside

Trax East studio in 1992:


29 Years Ago: AUTOPSY rehearse Embalmed (pre ’87 demo)

One of the earliest AUTOPSY recordings. This rehearsal took place soon after the band formed (August 1987) and a few weeks before they recorded the first official demo (November-December 1987).

You can find this track on CD2 of the Severed Survival 20th anniversary digipak.

29 Years Ago: SINDROME complete Into the Halls of Extermination debut demo

Illinois thrash / death metal formed by ex members of DEVASTATION, MASTER and SOLEMN.
SINDROME finished recording and completed mastering of their debut demo on this day in 1987.

We did it with some unknown local engineer who did work on a great Punk band called OUT OF ORDER and we liked that record alot so we knew he could record hard music. As for the amount I don’t remember how much was spent but we did all throw in the money for the “Halls” demo to be manufactured and recorded.

Well it is a cool demo for the time although to this day and it was a good overall sound of the band. The songs were strong enough to live on their own and most thought it sounded album quality back in that era. I like ‘Rapture In Blood’ the most to this day of the five songs.
Shaun Glass, Voices from the Darkside

John Piotrowski was the singer for Terminal Death which was the band Shaun Glass was in before we formed Sindrome. We are still good friends to this day. Sindrome formed between Shaun, Chris Mittlebrun (formerly of Death Strike / Master) and I all were not happy with our former bands (Terminal Death, Master, Devastation) and wanted to put something together that we thought would take our musical careers to the next level. Shaun was friends with Tony Ochoa (our drummer) from the local scene and the four of us got together and wrote the songs you hear on “Into the Halls of Extermination” in late 1986-1987.
– Troy Dixler, Old School Metal Maniac (2016)

25 Years Ago: IMPETIGO record their second album Horror of the Zombies

During this month in 1991 IMPETIGO were recording their killer second LP Horror of the Zombies at Pogo Studio, Champaign.

The album was produced by Mark Rubel who opened Pogo in 1980. IMPETIGO recorded at Pogo a few times, including the Faceless EP (1991). The studio has since relocated to Nashville, re-opening in 2016.

Yes the second LP called “Horror of the Zombies” will be out by June 5th! The delay is for no real reason, the payment to the studio was a little late and it held things up some, also it took longer to put the cover and layout together than I thought, but it will finally be out soon! It was done in a killer 24 track studio so the sound is great, it has 10 songs which are: “Boneyard”, “Cannibal Lust”, “I Work For The Streetcleanr”, “Staphterrorist”, “Mortuaria”, “Cannibal Ballet”, “Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue”, “Defiling the Grave”, “Wizard of Gore” and “Trap Them and Kill Them”. The cover is a painting by our sick friend Cannibal Jim of some zombies emerging from the Fog to attack – it’s very eerie and colorful!! I can’t wait to have this LP out!
– Mark, Vital Wound zine #2 1992


24 Years Ago: MONSTROSITY release Imperial Doom on Nuclear Blast

Formed by ex members of MALEVOLENT CREATION and CYNIC and joined by Corpsegrinder (later of CANNIBAL CORPSE), MONSTROSITY released their debut 24 years ago today. Recorded at Morrisound after moving to Tampa from Fort Lauderdale. Artwork by Dan Seagrave.


Is the album doing well?
Yes, so far, and we’re waiting to get the year end figures. It’s amazing that sales have been good since our tour with Pestilence was cut short in Europe and we haven’t toured at all in the U.S. It’s been totally the underground which has supported us with sales.
– Disposable Underground #6 1993

No, actually we think that the production could be better. In fact, we think people haven’t heard the best of MONSTROSITY yet. We used Jim Morris because Jim hadn’t ever done a death metal production before; and we were hoping for a different sound, rather than the “in-house” sound.
– Exhume zine #3 1993

24 Years Ago: BAPHOMET – The Dead Shall Inherit released on Peaceville

Part of an interview from Isten zine #5 (1990)

All our music is going to be fast and heavy with the same writing style of the 7 inch with the songs having a lot of quick tempo changes. The two tracks on the &” will be on the album but played a little faster, and without any guitar solos, we have decided not to have any.

Bands always progress as time goes on. We are trying to make our new songs a lot better than our old. It is hard to write riffs that don’t sound the same or sound like someone else because there are so many bands out with demos, Ep’s and Lp’s, buit we just keep writing and always like to keep the songs unpredictable, it makes it so that the listener doesn’t get bored. We don’t want to lose the interest of the listener.